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A Look Back At The Best Of The Sexy Single Mommy 2013

Dating & Relationships / Sex / December 31, 2013

This year has flown past and I have been blessed to see The Sexy Single Mommy grow so much in one year.  I also have to give credit to my contributors because they showed up and showed out this year! Here’s a look back at the best of The Sexy Single Mommy 2013. Tell me what you think and if you would have added others to this list:

In Spite Of Divorce, T.D. Jakes Daughter, Sarah, Still Believes In Love

This post was viewed 7,336 times and was my highest google searched post.  Although it was a “sourced” post, I think Sarah really zoned in on being divorced and a woman of God and still believing in love despite a failed marriage.

Sexual Bucket List For Women

A Look Back At The Best of The Sexy Single Mommy 2013

When we added “Sex” as a category to the blog…boy did things get HOT around here!  There is really no way to talk about relationships and not talk about sex.  The Sexual Bucket List for Women is my most “pinned” post to date on Pinterest and ranks 3rd on top viewed posts at 6,433.  Being that we are headed into a new year in less than 24 hours, ladies, you may want to make yourself a sexual bucket list and add or scratch off some of the things listed here.

You’re Not done Until You Swallow

Contributor, Andrea of Be Quoted,  DID THAT with this post! With 1,884 views, her post was not only one of the most talked about posts but our readers had a LOT to say and left plenty of comments for Andrea.  The title alone was a bit controversial and was written to draw you in but once we “got you” Andrea kept your attention with this well written piece. She also did her thing on the post, “Arched Back and Dirty Talk

Why Men Don’t Call Back

My #LULChat partner and contributor Jay King of Up4Discussion broke it down for the ladies with this post explaining why men don’t call back.  With 1,351 views, I think it is fair to say that the ladies were interested in what a man had to say on this topic and Jay gave some excellent advice.

10 Things Every Man Wants In Bed

A Look Back At The Best Of The Sexy Single Mommy 2013

My oh my…whoever said that “sex sells” wasn’t lying.  Another posts that was one of the top searched and viewed at 1,242, I think it’s a safe bet that the ladies were interested in this topic and the men wanted to know if we got the list right.  I think we hit it on the head!

Why Men Love A Side Piece

Contributor, Damn Pops of Viral Status Magazine and Single Black Male explained to the ladies why it is that men love that chick on the side.  Well written and always on point, this posts and others from Damn Pops keeps the ladies in the know and he can always be counted on to bring his A game.

Stop Celebrating Single Motherhood

Fairly new contributor to the blog, Q of Thank Q caused a bit of a stir on the site and Twitter with this post but not in a bad way.  Our readers agreed with what he had to say in this post.  Take a read and let us know what you think.

The REAL Reasons Why You’re Still Single 

I originally wrote this post for Dating and I tried to touch on all kinds of different single women and their “issues.” Some ladies didn’t agree but sometimes the truth hurts!

Dating And The Single Mom:  “He Pretended to Like My Kids”

J Kristine, shared her story of dating a man who she “thought” liked her kids but it was all a ploy to get next to her.  This story explains just how careful you have to be when dating as a single mom.

Why Do Men Think That They Should Not Pay For A Date?

OH BUDDY! This post from Brotres caused a MAJOR stir among the men! They were pissed that a man would even write such a thing and they weren’t afraid to say it in their comments!

Exclusive: Interview With A Married Cheater Part I & Part II

This was the hardest interview to do.  I wanted to respect my guest but I wanted to snatch his head off!  I have to give him credit for keeping it 100 and telling HIS truth but damn…the things he had to say were so off the wall I almost couldn’t take it but Karma is a MF and if he didn’t learn before, he learned THAT DAY!

Reflections Of 40:  The Realist Blog Post I Will EVER Write

A Look Back At The Best Of The Sexy Single Mommy 2013

This post was a long time coming and one that I had to be totally honest with myself and I shared my darkest secrets…things that my best friends, family and my mama didn’t even know.  With that type of honesty and realness comes growth and a weight that is lifted of your spirit.  As the title says, “The Realist Blog Post I Will EVER Write,” and this is so true because I could never be more real than I am in this post.

This list is not all-inclusive because there are so many more that I would mention.  I want to take a minute to thank you all for the successes that The Sexy Single Mommy Blog has seen this year, from the award nominations, to the awards, to being quoted in Ebony Magazine, the success of hosting 2 weekly Twitter chats: #LULChat & #SSMChat.  Working with fabulous brands and working with great contributors.  2014 is going to be even bigger and better..stay tuned!

What were your favorite posts from 2013?

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Great job everyone! There was so much great content release. Let’s aim even higher in this new year!

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