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“I’m In Love With A Stripper!” Why Men Visit Strip Clubs

Dating & Relationships / He Said / November 22, 2013

I’m sure some of the readers recognize that blog title as an old song from the radio. Ladies, have you ever wondered why men visit strip clubs?

Well, I’ll break it down for you the best that I can. I won’t discuss the guys who fantasize about sleeping with the strippers because they are simply pervs. They will pay the stripper’s bills, but will stalk her afterwards. I’m talking about the normal guys who doesn’t have a stripper’s photo surrounded by burning incense in the basement. I’m talking about normal guys like me.

Now, first of all, I haven’t been in a strip club in over a decade, but I did hang out there now and then back when I first moved out of my parents’ house. At first, it was just to hang out with the guys and try something new. Of all of the movies I’d seen about them, I really didn’t expect much from going, but I was pretty surprised.

There was good music, expensive great drinks and beautiful women. And these women recognize a fresh wallet when you walk through the door. They will immediately flock to you to be the first to get you to part with your paycheck. However, that attention is a boost to a man’s ego. And we all know that a man’s ego controls his brain. That’s what keeps men at the nudie bar: the attention.

"I'm In Love With A Stripper!" Why Men Visit Strip Clubs

Now, some ladies are saying, ” I pay attention to my man at home.”

That may be true to an extent and I’ll be honest; some men are going to go look at other women just because they can. But, for average guys like my friends and I, we enjoyed hanging out at these clubs because of the heightened attention we received.

You’re treated like a celebrity when you go into a strip club. Women are all over you as soon as you come through the door and people are bringing you drinks. This is a place where a man can feel like a king.  Your every need is being catered to by good-looking women.  You know that it’s all for your money, but you don’t care.

When a man’s ego is being stroked, he doesn’t care why it’s happening, only that it’s happening.

Contrary to what women may think they’re doing for their significant other, it may not compare to what Cinnamon and Trixie are doing down at “Tall Tails.”  Their only job is to make him feel like “The Man.”  That’s a tough task to go up against for a housewife or girlfriend.

But, that doesn’t mean that you ladies should get discouraged.  Just do things to keep your relationship fresh and break his addiction.  If you have a man, then don’t be afraid to show your sexy side to him. Tell him before he comes home to stop by the ATM and get some cash. Turn on some music and fix him a drink. Put on some sexy attire and commence to “shake what your momma gave you.”

After a while, guys will realize that if they put dollars into the G-string of their wife/girlfriend at home, then they’re probably getting more than just a lap dance.


Fellas, do/did you attend strip clubs and why?

Ladies, do you honestly give your man “100% sexiness” at home?

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on November 25, 2013

It seems that a lot of women are comfortable in visiting traditional strip clubs these days. Is there a certain difference in the atmosphere there as opposed to a regular night club? Are women taking notes from the strippers to try moves at home?

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