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The Test

Dating & Relationships / November 7, 2013

I love social media!  It is the focal point to my very career, actually.  I’m enthralled by it, so much so that a guy must pass an SM (social media) Test in order for us to move to the next level.  Here’s the deal, traditionally most folks could care less about whether or not an individual is on social media, but me, I care.  A guy must at least belong to one of the four SM platforms and have been active in the last month or so.  Sounds obsessive, but hear me out, working in the legal field, one of the many ways folks would get caught up as far as claims or the very thing that could make or break a case was the very thing that lived on someone’s social media page. The testNow, I know what you may be thinking, plenty of people pretend to be more than what they really are on SM all the time so what exactly do you expect to find out?  My intention is not to pick them apart but it is indeed to match up certain specifics that they have mentioned at one point or another.  Let’s take Tay for instance.

Tay was a 24-year-old, six-foot peanut butter brown complexioned fella, thick brows, slender eyes, and the most perfect lips I’d seen on a young man since Terrell in the second grade.  I could imagine his thinly trimmed mustache curving in congruence with his mouth as it formed a smile at the latest text message I’d sent to him.  I’d met Tay on my way from a Saturday appointment one warm Fall afternoon.  He was polite enough to get me to slow down my usual fast pace and held my attention long enough to get my phone number.  He hit me up not more than an hour later via text message.  We continued stage one of  “getting to know you” via text for the remainder of the day.  I asked him your typical questions, are you single, do you have kids, blah blah blah.  He was single, said he had no children and owned a small software business but was also an artist.  It would take three weeks and two days for me to figure out that half of which Tay said was a lie, and no he didn’t have to tell me.

the test

Now, you know the girl who is just nosy about every little thing, she’s the one who will snoop her way to eternity, well, I’m not exactly that girl, honestly, I’d been so busy lately that somehow or another Tay managed to slip through my usual SM test.  However, Tay was out-of-town for the week performing, I wanted to see if I could find some footage on him so I decided to shoot his stage name through a search and see what I would come up with.  Not much appeared initially, which I thought was odd, especially with him performing  in different cities over the last few days.  So I tried different variations and pretty much nothing but  a YouTube video dated back to August.  I clicked on it and viola, there it was big as day, a twitter handle.  I live on Twitter during the day and decided what better time than now to give him the SM test and shoot his name through the people search.  He appeared to be very active, especially in the last week.  He basically had been tweeting his little life away, which was exactly what I needed to see.  Immediately my work experience with Twitter kicked in.  Break out the Catfish cameras, cue Nev and Max.  Soon, it was discovered this guy had children, he wasn’t out-of-town at the time he said he was AND there wasn’t a definite clarification whether or not he was single as that seemed to depend on the day.

The Tesr

My first reaction was an LOL (laugh out loud), I couldn’t believe this guy was this stupid to literally say one thing and tweet another. Either that or I had missed the boat on a few things myself.  He had pics of the beautiful child and all.  I spent well over 30 minutes going through his timeline, seeing his thirst (for the record, he said it wasn’t thirst) splattered all over for his followers.  There were a few references to his music, but not as much to be signing with any major labels anytime soon, as he had implied.  Then my mood shifted to more of being aggravated.  I was miffed, this guy blatantly lied about having a child or kids he went back and forth via his timeline so who knows) that was the main thing for me people may assume it’s crazy until you discover stuff like I discovered, especially when it was so easy to find.  I would be lying if I said that I didn’t really begin to like this guy, he showed major signs of someone who could keep my interest and someone I was wanting to get to know better.  Whew!  That was a close one!

Who needs a PI?  Thanks Twitter!


Do you use “The Test” on potential mates?

Is “The Test” too much like snooping?

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on November 11, 2013

I do a test, but it’s a little different. I review social media pages the way I would a resume. If it’s not looking right, DENIED

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