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Should Women Propose To Men? Hell No! Let Him Do That!

Dating & Relationships / November 20, 2013

Is it ever okay for women to propose to men?  In my opinion, NO!  I like to do things in a more traditional way but I am sure that many women would beg to differ.


I believe that women should not put that kind of pressure on a man.  I think that when he is ready, he will ask you.  You don’t want to force a man into marriage because it’s not going to be as pure or innocent as you want it to be.  Lingering questions will probably always be in the back of those women’s head that actually did propose would be, “Why didn’t he propose to me” and “Why was I the one that had to propose?”

In a recent study done by Rachael D. Robnett, a doctoral candidate in psychology at the University of Santa Cruz showed that both men and women have traditional views on marriage proposals.  Young men and women overwhelmingly agreed that a man should propose marriage, not the other way around. Out of the 136 young men surveyed none of them believed “I would definitely want my partner to propose” nor any of the women stated that they “would definitely want to propose.” 

When you meet someone and you have the discussion about what you do and don’t want out of life, the topic of marriage should definitely come up.  There are many people who do not want to be married or have children.  If they tell you that they don’t want to be married or have children and you do, I suggest that you keep it moving,  otherwise you will never be happy in that relationship because you are settling.


When I got married, 8 years ago, I never brought up marriage to my then, boyfriend but we did discuss children.  I felt like if he wanted to marry me then he should be the one to initiate the conversation about marriage.  He never did and I was okay with that.  I knew that he wasn’t in that place yet and I was not about to ask or beg him to marry me, even though we had been together for 6 years already.  To my surprise, he came home from work one day and asked me to marry him.  Let me tell you. I cried like a baby.  I was not expecting it and I was so happy!  Hell, he knew he didn’t want to lose a good woman!

Should women propose to men?

How long should you wait for a man to propose to you?

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Tarralyn Ervin

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on February 13, 2013

That’s a really good point. If the woman proposes how will you really know if the man was ready to make that next step. Once the honeymoon phase is over he might start feeling resentful cause he was rushed into something he wasn’t ready for.

on November 20, 2013

It is nothing wrong with being traditional.

But personally, if we are going to be traditional, we gotta go 100%.

No picking & choosing

    on November 20, 2013

    I think traditional is the way to go in the manner!!

on November 20, 2013

I wouldn’t do it. I’d propose a divorce, but never marriage.

    on November 20, 2013

    LMAO!!!! Divorce???

on November 20, 2013

Absolutely NOT. It’s crass and unladylike.

    on November 20, 2013

    I totally agree!!!! And you appear desperate!

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