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“Should I Marry A Mama’s Boy?” Listen Up, Ladies Series

Dating & Relationships / He Said / November 18, 2013


This week, I decided to let you watch Jay’s video first and then make my comments.  How many ladies have been in a similar position as this woman?  I can only assume but it must be very difficult to be in a relationship with a man AND his mother.  While I agree with a lot of what Jay had to say, it would most def but very trying for me to like a woman who is all up in my business and deal with a man who doesn’t know how to cut the apron strings, let alone marry him.

I really want to hear all of your thoughts on this subject, so join Jay and I TONIGHT 11/18 (and every Monday)  at 7pm/pst 10/est for #LULChat on Twitter.

Have you ever dealt with a “Mama’s Boy?

“Would you consider marrying a Mama’s Boy?

Do you agree with Jay, in that you should love his mother, despite her interfering ways?

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