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Vivica Fox Says She’s Not A Cougar Anymore!

Entertainment & Celebrities / October 6, 2013

Well…well…well, it’s about time Vivica Fox realized that she needs to leave the young cats to the young girls. In a recent interview with BET, Vivica Fox, 48, says that she’s not dating younger men anymore, that is…men under 30!

Vivica Fox Says She's Not A Cougar Anymore!


I used to be so lustful. I would lose my mind over a six-pack and a smile, it would get me every time and usually get me in trouble. Pretty eyes, pretty teeth? Forget about it! But, I think now I’m looking for a good partner, just a good man, whereas before it would be mostly physical. Now, I need a man who’s a gentleman, more old-fashioned. Someone who I could laugh with and have fun with. I’m trying to date above 30 now. Thirty to 35 is the window. Not saying I won’t make an exception if someone special comes along, though! [Laughs]

The best part is waking up every day and being able to do whatever I want. I don’t have to answer to anybody, ain’t nobody quizzing Vivica about where she’s going or what she’s doing! But seriously, it’s been a couple of years now since I broke up with my fiancé [Omar White], and I think I’m ready to start dating again.

Fox was engaged to 29-year-old, club promoter, Omar “Slimm” White for 10 months and the two broke up in 2011.  Besides White, Vivica has had a slew of younger men in her den, which include, ex husband, Christopher “Sixx- Nine” Harvest, 50 Cents, Dennis Rodman, Jaime Foxx, Terry Norris and Flo Rider.

Vivica Fox Says She's Not A Cougar Anymore!

On The Today Show in 2009, Fox said about dating younger men:

Most younger guys are attracted to an older woman because it’s less drama. Less drama, she has her own account … more secure with themselves.

I think a lot of them like to be taught. I think that’s what they like about a mature women — experience.

All I can say is that I wish her well and hopefully things work out in her pursuit for love. However, In response to Vivica’s “revelation,” contributor, Willie Stylez says, “She’s almost 50 talking about her “window” is 30-35!!! Yea, she’s only upgraded from old hood rat to (still) cougar!!! I don’t think she realizes what that means! If your old enough to be his older aunt or his younger friend’s mom… You’re a cougar!!! If you and his mom were in high school or college at the same time… You’re a cougar!! If you were legally driving before he was born… Yo ass is a cougar!!!”  HA!

Do you think that Vivica Fox, given the age range of men she will date is STILL a Cougar?

What are your thoughts on women who are Cougars? 

Have you ever dated a younger man? What was your experience? 


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