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Video Vixen Melyssa Ford, Keeps Her Clothes On In New Reality Show, “Blood, Sweat And Heels”

Dating & Relationships / October 15, 2013

Word on the street is former video vixen, Melyssa Ford is said to be working on a new reality show for Bravo titled, “Blood, Sweat and Heels.”


According to IDMb, “Blood, Sweat and Heels”

Follows a group of single, up-and-coming movers and shakers in New York’s elite circles of real estate, fashion, and media. These ladies are aggressive in their pursuit of personal and career goals, but in this cutthroat world where egos are high and the drive to succeed is even higher, success can come at a steep cost. 

This “Sex and the City” based reality show will be starring video vixen turned Real Estate Agent, Melyssa Ford, Life Coach and Author, Demetria Lucus, Style and Pop Culture Journalist, Geneva Thomas and TV Personality and Author, Daisy Lewellyn.

Video Vixen Melyssa Ford, Keeps Her Clothes On In New Reality Show, "Blood, Sweat And Heels"

All Star HipHop is reported a few details about the show:

It’s said to be about four or five women, who weren’t really friends beforehand (but viewers aren’t supposed to really know that), that got put together in the name of “sisterhood. According to sources, producers have gone to great lengths to orchestrate events like parties and galas to make sure there’s plenty of alcohol flowing and potential misbehavior.

I think that I”ll watch an episode or two and see what’s up. What do you think?

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on December 30, 2013

I’ll definitely be tuning in. My husband claims that I watch anything on Bravo. He’s about right. I suppose I’m tuning in because of the writers/journalists on the show. I want to see how I can possibly parlay this life of mine into a reality TV show.

    on December 31, 2013

    Is that why you’re tuning in? LMAO!! I love that!!!

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