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Special Edition…What Would You Do Tuesday…If Your Man’s Jump Off Sent You An Open Letter? (Talking About Dwayne Wade And Gabrielle Union)

Entertainment & Celebrities / From the Editor / October 26, 2013

Repost from February 19, 2013

I came across this on Media Takeout and it serves as a special edition of What Would You Do Wednesday Tuesday!

Per this OPEN LETTER that was sent to Media Takout, Dwayne Wade has a jump off and obviously she is not content with her status as such because she decided to put D. Wade on BLAST and write the following open letter to his girlfriend, Gabrielle Union.  Not only does she write a letter but she also added PROOF in the form of pictures of his bags (allegedly) in her hotel room and flight information.

“Seems like the Miami Heat as made its appearance on mediatakeout yesterday. So its only right i put Dwayne Wade on blast. First and foremost i’d like to thank ***** Wade, his cousin for booking my numerous of flights. 

Ohh yea, hi Ms. Union. Good too see you stuck around and have a few more pieces of clothing inside of his house. The kitchen looks great by the way. I love the new counter tops. I would also like to thank Rich, the chef for his amazing breakfast. His cookies are the best. 

And last but not least I’d like to thank Dwayne for always making me feel comfortable on your side of the bed. Hiding pictures in your drawer. You know the night stand next to your side of the bed, the one with the two drawers. Think the picture is the one with you and Sanaa Lathan in it. 

Also Gabrielle you are a little to old to be making Valentines day Photo albums. Leave that to the young girls your man cheats on you with. Dont believe me, i took a picture of the picture. 

FYI your man likes fat asses you might need to get you one. Last but not least. I will send you a picture of the bags your man left in the hotel room i f*cked him in. lol 

More Proof: 

American Airlines record locator: *********
Ticket type requested: electronic (e-ticket) 
Airline ticket number(s): **********

Please note: At least one airline in this trip charges an additional fee for baggage.The fee is not included in your total trip cost. 

American Airlines # ***** 

Subject: Travel Document -“


First, let me start by saying, for the record, that I understand that professional athletes, have women who are throwing themselves at them and willing to do whatever to get with them.  I get that!  HOWEVER, it is their prerogative to have sex with whoever they want to WHEN THEY AREN’T IN A RELATIONSHIP! The game changes once they are committed to someone! 

If I was Ms. Gabrielle Union, my first course of action would be to straight up ask D. Wade about the situation and allow him to clean about the situation, not that it changes anything, but I would want to hear why in the hell he was so messy as to not only cheat but by bringing his jump-off to the house where you have your things because it is just straight up DISRESPECTFUL!  Obviously, the chick has been to the house, in his bedroom AND through all your stuff more than ONCE!!!!

To say that there is NO GET BACK ON THIS ONE is an understatement!  I wouldn’t give a damn how many times he apologized but there is really no way that he can come back from this one.

To D. Wade I would say…Karma comes back to bite you faster than you think it will and sometimes FAT ASSES ARE MORE PROBLEMS THAN THEY ARE WORTH!!

For a little more Tea on this situation and the jump-off, read this from the Examiner. I’m not even going to comment on that but feel free to chime in on it…

Now, I need to know:





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on February 19, 2013

Wowzer!!!! Mouth of floor (Literally). All I can say is poor Gabrielle. I know how it feels to get that kind of proof because I’ve been there and it stings. However, I’m glad that ole girl put D Wade on blast. These men needs to be accountable for their actions and not get a pass and in the long wrong Gabrielle will be forever grateful for it, although she probably feels disrespected, deceived and humiliated considering that people close to her knew. SMDH this is a mess!

on February 19, 2013

I could go on for days going “IN” on this post. However, I will keep it short (at least try).

I am a believer that you need to stay in your lane. If D. Wade has a jumpoff she needs to have a seat and play her role. Because let’s be honest even if she moves to 1st place he will most likely STILL have a second place so it’s no good for her to “blast” him, causing her to lose 2nd place for no damn place at all. I hate when women think that shining their candle light in the sunshine is going to matter. If your unhappy with overnight stays where you have to be hidden then guess what… You leave first without a commotion. Or better yet if you are going to “boss up” tell us your name and send in a picture don’t be annoymous!

    on February 19, 2013

    You are right on! I don’t know if he ever had the discussion about staying in her lane or playing her position but she must have missed the memo. Like you said, she does need to “boss up!” You want to put it out there but you don;t want to show who you are? Don’t be a punk!

      on February 19, 2013

      Some one needs a bobbet. I don’t mean to sound stupid, but what is a jump off?

        on February 19, 2013

        LOL! I jump off is someone that you are cheating with.

on February 19, 2013

Lawd Jesus it’s a fire.. LMAO this is foolery!! !

    on February 19, 2013


on February 27, 2013

When you are with a high-value guy, and you are the main chick, you have to accept or not, that you will not be the only chick.

So, according to GU, she knows what she has got, and as of today, she is cool with the arrangement.

Good day ladies

    on January 5, 2014

    Also, DWade and men like him (aka Adonis) or more trouble than they are worth.

    But that won’t stop women from risking it all to be with us.

    The ball falls back in women’s court.

    Fat asses are excellent btw.

on October 26, 2013

Wow, when did we sell our souls for the sake of saying that we ‘have’ a man. I get riding it out with your man even through his indiscretions, but, they’re not even married. And, not that being married makes infidelity any more tolerable (it doesn’t), but you are in a committed relationship that can be saved if two people want it to be saved. That is not the case with GU and DW.

He continues to disrespect her, and she continues to get blasted by these chicks in the media and she takes it. Now, instead of looking presidential and strong, she is starting to look diminished and pathetic.

No woman deserves this level of disrespect, less she accepted it. And if she stays with this man, well, she has just continued to give him permission to continue disrespecting her openly to be a puppet for anybody that might come after him.

Goodness ladies, have some standards – some measure of self respect, because if you don’t respect yourself, why should he have respect for you?

    on October 26, 2013

    OMG…my thoughts exactly, Tashana. I dont understand why she stays, when she could do so well without him. I think that many times women have sex and loose their minds

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