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Period Sex…How To Deal With It

Sex / October 25, 2013

The Frisky

Confession time: I was not down with period sex for a long time. Like, as long as I’d been having both periods and sex at the same time — or rather, having periods and not having sex during them. Why? Because gross.And because messy sheets. And because most guys are squicked out about it…or so I thought.

It turns out, I learned from a particularly patient and awesome partner, that actually the sex part of period sex is enough for some (maybe even most? I don’t know, I’m not a scientist) men to risk a little additional slipping and sliding. Essentially, period sex is just not the big, gross ordeal I was conditioned to believe it was.

However! Period sex does come with a lot of additional considerations. So, if you’re thinking about giving it a go, here are a few items to mull over:

1. Your sheets

Your sheets are probably the biggest concern because linens are expensive and for most of us, doing laundry is a real pain in the ass. But surely, you have at least one cruddy towel you use when you color your hair, right? Lay that baby down, and you should come away with a nice, clean bed situation.

You can also try basically any position that doesn’t put you on your back, which will considerably cut down on the messiness of the act.

Another option? Do it in the shower. You get the benefits of instant clean-up, plus the added bonus of fun shower times with your mate.

Period Sex...How To Deal With It

2. Cramps

Cramps (and bloating, and acne, and other period troubles) can make you feel downright unbone-able and totally not in the mood. But you know what helps with cramps and makes your skin look better and helps you sweat it out? Gettin’ busy.

When you’re doing the deed during that Special Week, set aside extra time for foreplay — particularly below-the-belt foreplay. You’re going to need to get warmed up a little, so go slowly until you’re where you need to be.

Period Sex...How To Deal With It

3. The Yuck Factor

Like I said, I was thoroughly skeeved out by the idea of period sex because, you know, we live in a culture of bodily shame that makes us all believe that our periods render us toxic waste plants of vile putridity. But this is not the case! Periods are kind of not really that gross! They are just things our bodies do!

And if we’re being perfectly honest, sex is kind of gross when you think about how it’s two sweaty bodies bumping into each other until they both emit fluids. So…if you’re OK with sex, you should probably be OK with sex plus periods.

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on October 25, 2013

I think its a case of mind over matter, if y’all don’t mind,, it don’t mater

    on October 27, 2013

    LMAO!! Demetra, I feel the same way!

on November 1, 2013

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