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Love To The Limit – Domestic Violence Awareness

Women Empowerment / October 16, 2013

As your fist hits my face

Your imprints are left upon my cheek

As I scream in an outrage

You laugh to keep from feeling guilt

I LOVE YOU! I scream

You laugh once again and reply with a kick

I’m sorry, I’m sorry

Falling to my knees

Begging and pleading

Love To The Limit

But you say nothing

And I think why does this have to be me

Your brain filled with insanity

I don’t know what’s next

You punch me in the stomach

And continue with vital threats

As I lie on the pain bruised and in pain

No movement from my body

Just my blood and your shame

I try to weep for help

But there’s no one to hear

I start to grasp for breath

But you choose not to hear

You turn your back and walk away

love to the linit

Leaving me to be

I knew this was the end

How could you do this to me?

I did nothing but love you

And what did you return to me

An act of hatred

Why was that so hard for me to see?

Photo Credit:, sepiaprocess.tumblr,


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