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“If A Hoe Is A Hoe And You Don’t Know…Is She Really A Hoe?”

Dating & Relationships / He Said / October 29, 2013

This question I guess could be likened to “If a tree falls and no one is there to hear it, does it make a sound?”

I think outside of the box many times. The irony of all this is that it doesn’t take much to think outside of the box. So many things are right in front of us. If we took the time to just see a different perspective I think we’d all benefit from it. This leads us to today’s topic on the idea of a hoe in our society.

"If A Hoe Is A Hoe And You Don’t Know…Is She Really A Hoe?"

It’s probably common knowledge what the general public would consider a hoe. It’s a woman who has an excessive amount of sexual partners. This amount is subject to different people’s preference I suppose. As many things in life, this mentality of classifying someone isn’t foolproof. It’s contingent upon a couple of things. First you have to actually know someone’s history. Secondly if the prior isn’t the case then you have to be told by the woman.

Allow me to take you back to an evening after work last fall. I was standing outside of the Barclay’s Center waiting on my cousin. We were actually going to see the Knicks take on the Nets in their inaugural game. As I waited outside I people watched. I’m a young single man and I took some time to admire lovely women getting off work. At that moment it hit me. I don’t know any of these women from a can of paint. If I struck up any conversation with any of them, I more than likely might not know people who knew them.

This meant that if I clicked with any of these ladies I’d only have their word to go by. It’s now at this woman’s discretion to tell me whatever she wants to tell me. If she was a “hoe” she could surely opt to not say so. Who would really put that out there anyway?

I guess it’s a situation that begs to ask if what you don’t know really doesn’t hurt you. Really what’s the essence for a society’s disdain for a hoe? Sure people have standards, but would some of these things matter if people didn’t know? Are these hoes bad people? People never question if their parents were hoes you know. In a sociology class in undergrad I learned that we hate to sexualize our parents so that’s probably why that issue isn’t spoken on much.

There’s much to be said here. This would question your independent thinking. To many, maybe I’m just saying too much and they’d like me to shut up. I just wanted to take a different look on this issue. If a hoe is a hoe and you don’t know…is she really a hoe?

Let’s get the conversation started; what does the mere existence of this conversation say about our society? I’m listening, let’s talk.

These are my words and I make no apologies.

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on October 29, 2013

Well firstly, of course she’s not gonna come out and say she’s a hoe. That would most likely change your view on her. “Hoe” or not, I don’t really think it matters. It’s not like she can’t still be a good mate. Also, I’ve always stuck by not wanting to know what my partner has done before me. It doesn’t concern me because I’m focused on the present and my current relationship. So if she was a hoe before you I really don’t think it matters either way. Also some men are hoes too, and most women wouldn’t be thinking this hard about that situation. Double standards, eh?

on October 29, 2013

First of all, if a person has decent experience with women, and has a balanced to cynical view of women.

You KNOW who the h*es are.

Now, personally I believe any woman with 3 male partners or more (any sexual contact outside of kissing) are h*es.

And with h*es, it is more about business & servitude than it is about love & long-term investment.

H-es are not bad people, but they instinctively know, they are lower on the food chain compared to other women.

Any man that accepts them as a girlfriend or wife more often than not gets burned.

Go figure

on November 1, 2013

If a person was a hoe in the past, then it may not show and be a concern. It could come up if the guys she’s been with are local to the area. However, if she still has those ways about herself, then it will reveal itself whether she opens her mouth or not. Her actions will display it.

Let's Talk! I want to know what you think?

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