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Diddy Says He Isn’t Interested In Getting Married

Entertainment & Celebrities / October 8, 2013

Diddy says he isn’t interest in getting married anytime soon.  In an appearance last week on the talk show, The View he made the revelation about not wanting to get married and also mentioned that he is not really looking right now.  Well , DUH, I hope not, since he has been dating 26-year-old, singer, Cassie for the over a year. Here is what he told the Ladies of The View:

P. Diddy Says No To Marriage

It definitely would be a dream come true for me to just one day just be ready for that.

The thing is, I’m not really looking because I know the responsibility that comes with that and I think that a lot of people, they jump into that and they’re not honest with themselves. I’m brutally honest with myself. If I’m ready for that responsibility, I think in due time…I don’t want to get married and not make that woman be the best. I’m a big baby in a grown man’s body. I’ve been close to it and when I’m ready I’ll make the announcement, but when I do it, I’m doing it forever. Know that.

One think I want to add to that is, I think a lot of people put too much on marriage and not enough on happiness. I’m happy, anybody that is in my life is happy…at least some of the days [laughs]. I just want to be happy and I think it’s important for you to protect your happiness and to love yourself, because then you can love other people the right way.


P. Diddy Says No To Marriage
I have to agree with Diddy because it is true that people put too much on marriage.  There are also people who get married because they think that it is “the thing to do” or because of images and perceptions.  Why can’t people just be like Oprah and Stedman and be in a long-term relationship, without getting married and still be happy?  I, for one say, why the hell not?

Now there are a lot of bloggers out there who think that Cassie should run and leave Diddy alone since he isn’t interested in being married anytime soon but I think that if she is happy then she should stay with him.  I am sure that his revelation about not wanting to get married soon is not news to her.  Let’s be real, she’s only 26 years old, she’s trying to make it in the music business and she is dating a millionaire who already has 5 damn kids.  Shit, I would sit back if I was Cassie and reap the benefits! Why mess up a good thing?

What do you think about what Diddy said?

Do you think that Cassie should leave?

What are your views on long-term relationships vs marriage?

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on October 9, 2013

Diddy has a right to his opinion/feelings..who are we to judge? Wish more men who weren’t ready , especially in entertainment , were honest and upfront about that since we know that Hollywood life is ten maybe a hundred times different than us regular folks could imagine .

As far as CAssie she knew the deal with her sponsor up front, if she likes it I love it. Maybe she is fine with their relationship, it’s not like she can go and just date the average 26 year old now after being exposed to the Diddy life.

    on October 9, 2013

    I totally agree that more men should be honest and that way women wouldn’t get their feelings hurt!
    LMAo at the comment about Cassie! I love that and yes, she knew!

on October 11, 2013

I stayed with my husband for 9 1/2 years because I like him. I met him at 22 and after going through all those college crazy relationships I decided to be someone to chill with. We are now together almost 30 years and married 19. I have enjoyed his company the whole time through thick and thin.

on November 4, 2013

[…] man doesn’t want to get married,” writes a female reader.  As I read her story and question to Jay, I could feel her pain […]

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