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Idris Elba Reveals In GQ Magazine The Son He Thought Was His Wasn’t

Entertainment & Celebrities / September 20, 2013

When you think of a fine black man, Luther star, Idris Elba comes to mind.  He is my prototype of a handsome, strong black man and when he speaks, I melt like butter.  I’m sure women all over are willing to have his baby and his ex girlfriend, Desiree Newberry, did give him a son…or so he thought!

In the October issue of GQ magazine, Elba reveals that the son he thought was his was not. In 2010, Elba told the world about his second child, a son when doing press for the movie, The Losers. He later revealed in an interview with Essence magazine that ” I only have a daughter.”

Elba told GQ Magazine that having a son was one of the happiest moments in his life until he found out the truth.

The celebration of  having a son from the male’s perspective, it’s massive.”

It was brought to his attention that something just may not be right,

It wasn’t immediately obvious  – well it was because he didn’t look like me,” Elba said.  “But it wasn’t immediately obvious what had gone down.

Idris Elba Reveals In GQ Magazine The Son He Thought Was His Wasn't

Elba’s decided to have a paternity test which revealed that his girlfriend, Desiree Newberry’s child was not his.

To be given that and then have it taken away so harshly, he recalled, was like taking a full-on punch in the face: POW.

You know, the truth is—like, even admitting it, I’ll probably get laughed at for the rest of my life. But it is just tragic, and it happened.

But I wasn’t knocked out. I stood right the f–k back up, and I ain’t aiming to take another punch in the face ever again.

Do you understand what I’m saying? It happened to me. I moved on.  I’ve not be an angel in my life, either – do you know what I’m saying? So to a certain extent, what goes around comes around.  But for me in the future, I’m about being comfortable. That’s it.

Idris Elba Reveals In GQ Magazine The Son He Thought Was His Wasn't

Ain’t that shit?  Who would cheat on Idris Elba?  I guess it goes to show, just like in the case of Halle Berry, you can be fine as hell but that doesn’t mean that your mate won’t cheat on you.

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