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Would You Allow Your Daughter To Twerk?

From the Editor / Single Mommy Stuff / September 13, 2013

Many of us watched the atrocity called Miley Cyrus, twerking on the MTV Video Awards but let’s be honest, we have all seen the YouTube videos of little girls twerking at birthday parties and being filmed by parents and older siblings who think that twerking is acceptable behavior for young girls to be engaging in.

Now on top of twerking there is a new dance called The Red Nose which I find to be  a step away half a step from dry fucking. When my  best friend showed me the videos, I was disgusted. Don’t get me wrong, every generation has something and we have had some dances that probably made the old folks blush but the dances nowadays….oh honey! I don’t think so!  Twerking and doing The Red Nose are just precursors to having sex.

I am so glad that I don’t have a daughter and I would be horrified if my son was dancing with a girl like this.  Parents, please start paying attention to what your children are doing.  I hope that none of you think that this type of dancing is appropriate for young children or young adults. I wouldn’t even want my teenage daughter doing the dance.  Dancing like this is not becoming of a young lady and makes you look like a slut monkey. If you think that it’s just dancing” and there is no harm to it, do be surprised if your sweet baby girl ends up with  big belly.  IJS!

Would You Allow Your Daughter To Twerk?

Do you think this type of dancing is appropriate?

Where do we draw the line?

Would you condone this type of dancing for your teenage daughter?

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on September 13, 2013

My son and daughter would both be in major trouble if I caught them engaging in any of this type of dancing. it is basically dry humping. One step from being horizontal.

    on September 13, 2013

    Katherine, I totally agree! I would probably like that dad who was caught whipping his daughters after he caught them twerking on facebook.

on September 14, 2013

That was just nasty. I’m seriously baffled by the behavior. There has got to be a better way to display dancing skills than twerking. I have two teenage cousins that I KNOW are doing this. Their mother works all the time and they run completely wild. I have two daughters and we talked about twerking, Miley Cyrus and they understand the seriousness of what’s going on. Enjoy your teenage/young adult years, just be careful of your actions is what I tell them.

    on September 14, 2013

    Whitney, those dances are just too much. There is a difference between dancing and dry *ucking abd that is just what it is. Parents have to be aware of what is going on in their kids lives. SMH! I hate to see those kids when they are older

on September 14, 2013

I’m a grown ass man and I don’t wanna dance with anyone like that. I can see why teachers used to separate us when we grinded too hard or too close at school dances because in hindsight I realize 1. how stupid we looked 2. how it can be such a precursor to irresponsible activity at any age but especially in your teen years. You’re damn near having sex on the dance floor eventually ya’ll want to see what it’s like with the clothes off. It’s a natural progression like gateway drug. When they’re little kids, parents think it’s so cute then when they grow up still doing it, it becomes a problem. It’s ALWAYS a problem.

    on September 14, 2013

    I totally agree and I believe that it is a progression to other things…thus teenage moms walking around…

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