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How To Cope With A Dating Disaster

Dating & Relationships / September 23, 2013

We have all been there – you turn up for your date after spending hours picking the perfect outfit, and you are full of hope and excitement. Then halfway through the date you realise you have nothing in common, or maybe you hate the food he has ordered for you. Either way, we have all had at least one disastrous date in our time. So what do you do to cope with the situation? Here are some top tips for getting through the night.

How To Cope With A Dating Disaster

Distract yourself

For starters the one thing you shouldn’t do is obviously distract yourself whilst your date is still within your vicinity – you may not be having a great time but it will definitely come across as rude. If your date has left you waiting however, or left to dance whilst you are at the bar then by all means get out your phone and play some games. The great thing about distracting yourself like this is; one you can play on the go and secondly the hours will move a lot faster so that you can end the evening as soon as possible and return home.

How To Cope With A Dating Disaster

Be relaxed about it

The majority of people dating today will have had a bad date at some point in their lives, and so what – it is only a few hours out of your day ‘wasted’. It may be that you just don’t click with your date in the way that you wanted to, or you are too nervous to relax. Either way you are never going to enjoy the experience if you don’t give it a try.

If you are struggling to get into the date and enjoy it, then try focusing on something other than the date – maybe it could be the exquisite food or the beautiful surroundings. By focusing on something else you will notice any nerves slipping away and be able to relax into the rest of the date.

Find the humour in the situation

bad date 4

At least with a bad date you will have plenty of stories to tell your friends at the end of the evening. If you are finding the date to be dragging then focus on the fun things that you can remember for later on. Maybe it is the place you have gone to or the hilarious waiter that caught your eye – by looking for the small comedic details you will be forgetting about the time.

Again though, remember not to be rude or condescending towards your date. More often than not it is purely because you don’t fit well together, neither they or you are at fault.

End the evening early

In extreme cases then ending the evening early may be the best idea. This is where you are going to have to be honest with your date and leave the evening with a positive feeling rather than a negative one. You have two options for leaving a date early; firstly you can be brutally honest and let them know that you just don’t feel you are a good fit and that you’d like to end the date early. This may seem rude, but the honest way is always the best in these situations. The second option is to simply say you feel unwell and make your excuse to leave. If you do choose this avenue then you must follow up and let the individual know that you don’t want to meet with them again.

Whenever feelings are involved you must remember to tread carefully and always be honest about how you feel.


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