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Boris Kodjoe Says Gaining Weight In A Marriage Is A No-No!

Entertainment & Celebrities / He Said / September 15, 2013

From Madame Noire

We all know Boris Kodjoe has no tolerance for the plus-size lifestyle so it should come as no surprise that when asked about relationship deal breakers, weight was a major one. During the press junket for “Baggage Claim,” Cocoa Fab’s Cherise Nicole talked to Boris and Derek Luke to ask them what they could and couldn’t tolerate when it comes to women, and when it came to the topic of weight gain, Boris said that was a no go.

Boris Kodjoe Says Gaining Weight In A Marriage Is A No-No!


Ok part of the deal is, you got to keep it sexay.  Got to keep it Hot.  Because it’s easy getting married, but it’s not as easy to stay married.  And part of that is, like, I make my wife, my girlfriend.  She’s my girlfriend.  So, we got to keep it sexay. If we keep it sexay, we keep it right, everything else falls into place.

What if I gained 200 pounds? And then she’ll look at me like, really? And I couldn’t even blame her if she started looking around.  Because I took her off the market, so I have to deliver what the market could possibly deliver for her.  So, I gotta take that place. Right? So, I gotta fulfill those things that the market could’ve given her.  I’m the market now, so I got to keep it Hot and she has to do the same for me.

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Do you agree with Boris?

What are your deal breakers in a relationship? 

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on September 17, 2013

I had to think long and hard about this one, and I have to say that, I do agree with Mr. Boris. As an ole’married lady myself, I have put on a few pounds and though I have NEVER been thin, my husband is starting to hint around to the fact that I am becoming somewhat, ‘unshapely’. And I can appreciate that.

Because honestly, my husband is a reflection of me, and I of him. So, when he tells me that I need to tighten it up, well then, I need to hit the treadmill and make it happen. And the same goes for him.

Granted, I’m not there quite yet, but relationships are about growth. And if a partner gains weight and refuses to do anything about it, well, that will cause strain on the marriage.

But, if there is weight gain, and there is an understanding that it’s not permanent and you’re doing things to take care of that situation – well, then all should be well in the kingdom.

    on September 17, 2013

    LOL! I had to think about this one, too, Tashana and after speaking to some people, it does make sense that you stay “fine” for your mate. Now having said that, I need to “tighten” up a bit!

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