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Tameka Raymond Out Of Gas. Judge Dismisses Motion For Emergency Custody

Entertainment & Celebrities / Single Moms Talk / August 9, 2013

I guess you have to give Tameka Raymond credit for trying. As you recall, she asked the court for an emergency custody hearing on Tuesday because she felt that they her children were in danger, after the son that she shares with Usher, 5-year-old, Usher Raymond V, nearly drowned after getting his arm caught in the pool drain on Monday.

The judge said that he was impressed by Usher’s Aunt, Rena Oden’s qualifications as a caregiver, which Tameka’s lawyers tried to discredit saying that Oden had a back injury that had allowed her to receiver government disability benefits and that she had never been formally taught CPR but learned from her mother.  Judge John J Goger stated that there are many children who have been cared for relatives that “probably didn’t have all the certifications.”  POW! Take that, Tameka!


Here’s my take.  It was an ACCIDENT! Just like when her first son, Kile Glover, died after being hit by a jet ski.  It is a sad situation when a mother loses custody of her kids, like she did, not long after the death of another child, but both situations were accidents.  It could have happened to anyone!

Now maybe Usher needs to communicate more with Tameka and keep her in the loop about the children.  One of her arguments was that Usher does not answer her calls or emails about the children.  She also told the court that the only time that she left the hospital was to come to court, whereas, Usher on the other hand has left numerous times .

At the end, Judge Goger, dismissed Tameka’s motion for emergency custody and issued Usher a warning, “you would be well-advised to keep your former spouse informed about your whereabouts and who is taking care of the kids.”

Hopefully, he takes heed.


Did the judge make the right decision?

Should Usher have joint custody with Tameka?

Can someone in the “industry” care for children with the demands of their career?


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