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Tamar Braxton Talks Being Drunk When She Conceived, Adopting Asian Children And Wearing Diamonds During Her Delivery On Chelsea Lately

Dating & Relationships / Entertainment & Celebrities / August 10, 2013

Leave it to Tamar to keep it real! We have watched and loved the baby of the Braxton family and even though her honesty may not always sit well with her sisters, Tamar’s ability to keep it real is the reason why her fans love her…me, included!

On Chelsea Lately this week, Tamar stayed true to fashion and kept it 100 with her responses with Loni Love, who happens to be her co-host on the talk show, The Real.  She discusses her son, Logan Vincent Herbert, how she chose that name, her delivery and her voice among other things.

Here’s what she had to say:

On her delivery look:

I made sure that I had my hair and make-up done and I had diamonds on because I really wanted to meet my son, you know, the right way! I didn’t want my hair all over the place. I don’t get that. Why does your hair have to be all over the place, your just pushing!

On her “pregnancy” voice:

I was sober for 9 months, so I was in perfect voice the whole time.

On how she and Vince decided on their son’s name:

I never really wanted to have kids, but I said if I adopted an Asian, I wanted to adopt an Asian girl and raise her like a black girl and I was going to name her Disney. If I adopted a boy, he would have the initial LV like Louis Vuitton. So then what happened was me and Vincent got real drunk one night and then we made a baby by mistake and then it was Logan Vincet…LV!

On thing is for sure, Tamar sure makes motherhood look good…well, her and that “really good girdle” that she is wearing. I am happy for her and Vince and wish them the best of luck.


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You gotta love Tamar just because of her honesty well that and all her crazy

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