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President Obama Talks What Single Moms Should Know About The Affordable Care Act With Yolanda Adams

From the Editor / Single Mommy Stuff / August 31, 2013

Many of us have had questions about Obama Care AKA The Affordable Care Act, in a recent interview with President Obama, Yolanda Adams gets the answers.  Read part of the interview here:

Q: Yeah. Last question; my audience is mainly female, single mothers. What can we say to them that would encourage them to go to, check it all out, and make sure that it works for their family?

A: Well, look. As I said, women need healthcare more than anybody. And, you know, I’ve mentioned a number of the things that have an impact on women. I’ll give you one other example, and that’s contraception.

Q: Yeah.

A: You know. Under all the plans that are provided contraception is free. Well, that can almost pay for itself for a lot of folks. And, you know, when it comes to women’s health, one of the things that I very much believe is that, you know, sometimes moms, they’re so worried about their kids that they don’t take care of themselves.


Q: That’s right.

A: But, you know, obviously it doesn’t do the family any good if mom gets sick. You know, that’s the anchor that holds the whole family together. So what is also true is women are more likely to be in jobs that may not offer good benefits. And this is a way for women to be able to say, you know what, I will always have that security, I’ll always have that protection. I’m not going to lose everything I have if heaven forbid something happens to me. And people are going to be able to choose a price that’s right for them, and will also be able to get, you know, tax credits, help from the government to pay for it. So I hope everybody takes a look at it. They will not officially be able to buy it until October 1st, but they will be able to go ahead of time to these websites, check it out, find out what’s right, sign up preliminary and then actually go ahead and get that insurance started on October first. And so we’re just going to keep on providing information with information, pumping this up, and so far at least, in states like New York, for example. It turns out that the costs, the premiums are going to be 50% lower.

Q: Wow.

A: Half of what they are right now for the average person who is trying to buy health insurance in New York City on their own. In California it’s 33% lower. So we know this is going to be a good deal, we just got to make sure people know about it.

Read the entire interview at Yolanda Adams Morning Show

What do you think about the Affordable Care Act?

Do you think that it would be beneficial to sign up for it? 

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