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Duck On A String

Dating & Relationships / August 1, 2013

A past acquaintance would sometimes say “I ain’t no duck”.  I would have the most perplexed look on my face while trying to figure out what he meant.  Let me put it in perspective for you.  If you are old enough to remember the duck on a string which “quacks” or clicks while being pulled you can envision the vintage image which is embedded in your memory bank.  The image is definitely synonymous to stringing a person along.  So when my friend would tell me what he “ain’t”, I could imagine the toy he was referencing.

Stringing a person along is one of the most astronomical, ego tripping type of thing to engage in.  Maybe my belief in Karma or…my unconscious past experience is the reason I despise this type of activity.  How dare you use the good in him/her to get what you want?  You know good and dang well you don’t want any parts of what he/she has to offer other than gifts and money.  You even wish it didn’t come with spending time.  Well your day is coming and when Karma shows you, “you”.  I suggest you keep the tear ducts in check.

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Now, on to the quacking ducks that need to cut the string!

  1. If you sense a person is using you, he/she probably is.

  2. If he/she calls only when he/she wants something, it’s the biggest red flag indicating the motive of using your kindness for weakness.

  3. Pay attention to the body language.  Is the person attentive or withdrawn?  Looking a person in the eyes is one of the most sincere implications of interest.

  4. What are the conversations like?  Is he/she listening or talking?  If he/she is truly enthused by the relationship the topics are endless and the conversations have to forcefully cease.

I will touch on people and their mastery of faking these indicators at later date.  Remind me.

Very few people are content with being alone but don’t settle for being used.  It’s difficult to feel sympathy for a person who freely participates in manipulation.  Once you have detached yourself from your manipulator and earned a badge of courage, take the lesson learned and grow from it.  Don’t become a person who is full scrutiny and bitterness towards others, but be more aware of what you deserve.

I hope this extended helping hand with notes written on it gives you the will power to become in charge of your life and those you allow in it.

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on August 1, 2013

Great post. I hate it when I hear people say, “He/She needs to make up their minds what they want to do about this relationship.” No, why don’t you make up your mind? Stop putting your future in someone else’s hands. Take ownership of your life and stop blaming others.

on August 1, 2013

Agreed! Thank you for the feedback.

on August 2, 2013

Great Article!

    on August 2, 2013

    Thank you!

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