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Who Are Your Prospects?

Dating & Relationships / July 11, 2013

After taking a mental inventory of the potential mates I have encountered as of late, I began to ask myself, who are your prospects?  Not their name, but the characteristics and traits.  What are the flaws that you can live with?  Why are you afraid to commit?

Is it possible for your attitude towards dating (scratch that) commitment to change due to the prospects who enter into your life?

The array of challenges encountered in relationships between two people who are romantically involved, or at least taking a step towards romanticism, can leave your mind exhausted.  How many prospects do you keep or throw away?  Does having too many prospects cloud your judgment?  Do you wish you could take the good attributes of each one and mesh them together and build the perfect mate?  Build-a-mate workshop is open for business.  What leads you to make the decision to choose the person who best suits you?

single parent and dating 2

  • Most people analyze the time spent getting to know a prospect and even though the relationship hasn’t blossomed into a bona fide commitment, this person is deemed the best match.  Roomie lover friends…

  • Some people analyze the financial stability of a prospect and in their head begin singing, “I ain’t got no worries…”  Money can’t buy me love…

  • Very few people “settle” for love, the prospect that makes you laugh, makes your heart melt and make you feel the giddiest feeling each time you think of them.  Always and forever…

And the list goes on…

ssm -fear

Is fear the main factor for lack of commitment?  And fear can be a plethora of things.  Is it lack of trust?  A combination of things?  Personally, I trust people until they give me a reason not to.  Is that forward or backwards?  Anyways, love can’t prevail if we don’t draft a list (mental or actual) of the prospects flaws we can live WITH.  Try it.  Don’t think about the good, analyze the bad.  Can you take it?  If not, head for the hills and don’t look back.  If you can, move forward in an attempt to blossom and grow with your friend whom you could possibly spend the rest of your life with.

This post was not intended to give you answers to your questions because only you know what’s best for you.  I wish everyone the best in obtaining the love of a soul mate.

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