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I Am a Man that Dated Pregnant Women and Liked It!

Dating & Relationships / He Said / Single Moms Talk / July 2, 2013

So apparently, the newest reality show phenomenon revolves around the dating habits of women who are with child! I can theorize that this stems from the recent popularity of the Teen Mom show, or maybe even a certain Jersey girl who was pregnant and single! Or maybe it’s just the general fascination with motherhood that has sparked all this hoopla. Nonetheless, here’s the male point of view, when it comes to “Pregnant And Dating”!

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So What Does Stylez Think?

I have had some interesting situations in my past! Specifically, the fact that I have dated three different pregnant women!!! Yes, THREE! Since I’m known for my brutal honesty, and frankness, I will do my best to generalize each situation, as not to reveal the identities of or violate the privacy of the women involved. But I will describe the situations and my feelings, and how each situation either lent to or away from the relationship!

Pregnant Woman #1:

So, my first encounter with the Pregnant and Dating lifestyle was a little bit after my 21st birthday. I was living on my own, and working a good job, with mediocre pay. One day I received a call from a girl I dated a year earlier. We had lost contact, mainly because I was a workaholic, and she was a party girl! She told me she wanted to give us another shot, if I thought I could make time for her. At that point, I felt I could and we decided to hook up. One thing about this girl was that she thick, in all the right places. But when we met for our date, I noticed she was a little thicker, but I didn’t want to be rude and just rolled with it. After re-learning more about each other, we felt like the old spark was rekindled, and continued to talk almost daily. The conversations began to take a turn after a week or two, and she was getting more serious. So we had another date, and that’s when I learned why… she was pregnant!

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At about 4-5 months, she showed pretty good, and beyond being obviously pregnant she wanted to be honest. I wasn’t scared away, since we had rekindled the flame, and I was really digging her. Of course, I wasn’t sure how a relationship would progress, and what it could lead to, but I was willing to see it through. So even as a young man, I felt that it was more important to see what could flourish, and how things could play out, BUT, I don’t think I was personally, and  truly ready for that ready-made family situation. The following weeks brought more of her serious, family-centric questions, while in her best interest, eventually made me realize I was at an age, and financial status, that could not handle fatherhood! She eventually either realized this through our conversations and my body language, or she really did want to work things out with her baby daddy! Either way, we broke things off in the beginning of her 3rd trimester!

Pregnant Woman #2:

So about 18 months later, I was in my old stomping grounds, getting some gas. I went in to pay, and found a young lady there arguing with the owner. I knew him and decided to rag on him, and help her ridicule him a bit! After I diffused the situation, and got a laugh out of her, we started talking, and before I knew it we were hitting it off. And then I noticed the bulge in her jacket… jokingly, I asked her what she was stealing… then she revealed she was 9+ months pregnant! Wow, I thought, another pregnant girl, and this one was OVERDUE! Since I had already gotten her number, and knowing she was out walking around the hood in the middle of summer (trying to get the baby to come), I offered her a ride. She gladly accepted, since she wasn’t having any luck getting the baby out; but wanted to hang out with me!

ssm When-pregnant-women-should-abstain-from-sex

So after spending the better part of the day together, laughing, talking, enjoying each other’s company, we decided to end the evening back at my place. Since I’m not sure if this is “that kinda blog”, let’s just say, there was some deep conversation then we fast forwarded to breakfast! So, this situation taught me, regardless if they are church girls, good girls, or even pregnant, women can be just as horny as men! LOL! Also, needless to say, two hours after dropping her off at home, she promptly had her baby! She also promptly broke things off because she got what she wanted… her baby to drop! Though I wanted to see where things could have gone, I was satisfied with playing my part, and felt it was an interesting learning experience, nonetheless!

Pregnant Woman #3:

So a year or so later, saw me really maturing, coming into my own as a man, business owner and looking for something more solid in a relationship. It also saw me dating… you guessed it, another pregnant woman! We had actually dated for quite some time in the past, but things hadn’t worked out. So this new attempt at love found us both in different situations… her leaving a relationship and me looking for one. Perfect fit, right!? Well, let’s just say, regardless of the pregnancy, we both jumped in headfirst and came up drowning in “trying to hard”! I think in this situation, like the first, the pregnancy did lead to some of the initial “trying to hard” mentality. I wanted things to work because we loved each other in the past, and I felt that I could overlook that the child in her womb wasn’t mine and still love her and her child. I think she wanted it because of the past love we shared, as well as she may have wanted what she felt was a good father for her child. However, as the weeks and months went by, the love we shared never really came back, and we found ourselves just trying hard to make things work. By the end of the relationship, I was more of a shoulder to cry on, a getaway from her day-to-day, a change of scenery and a different point-of-view. So after we realized we were only going to be friends, we broke things off, and she went on to find love and a family elsewhere! And so did I!

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I believe that being pregnant and dating can be fun, stressful, awkward, can bring on premature conversations, teach you some life lessons and sometimes bring on the baby! But in all, I think that the woman and the man involved must both agree on what the intended outcome is, what the role of the man is going to be, and if they are truly ready for that outcome/purpose. Do you want a family, a companion, or just someone to knock that baby loose! LOL! Whatever the needs are, each person has to be ready and play their part.

That is what Stylez thinks! What do you think?

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