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Chad Johnson’s Greedy Baby Mama Asks Judge To Throw Out Request For Reduced Child Support

Entertainment & Celebrities / July 29, 2013

I am all for men taking care of their children and Chad Johnson has done just that but we all know that he doesn’t have it like THAT anymore! Johnson who was released from jail last month after spending 30 days for slapping his attorney on the butt, is now rumored to be BROKE!! He hasn’t been signed to another football team, he lost his reality show with ex fiancée, Evelyn Lozada and has no endorsements to speak of, is now struggling to make child support payments for his 4 children.

One of Johnson’s baby mama’s, Andrea Pearson, filed papers asking the judge to throw out his request to lower his $5,240 a month child support for their son. She said in papers filed in a Florida court, that SHE (not his son) should not be punished because of his mistakes. “He sabotaged his own earning ability through his conduct and criminal behavior.”

Johnson is paying out $16, 525 in child support payments to all his children but claims to only make $3,000 a month.


Now, I don’t know if all that is true, as I would HOPE that he invested or saved something but the reality is that most athletes don’t but if he doesn’t have it, he doesn’t have it.  I can see if he stopped paying child support all together, which he probably won’t do especially since Pearson asked the court to throw him in jail if he stopped paying her child support.

If it is determined that he can no longer pay that amount, she needs to take what is given to her and be happy.  He has already purchased her a home and hopefully, she has stacked some of that child support in case of a rainy day.  I hope that she didn’t expect him to earn that same income forever or at least until their son was 18?

This is a perfect example of why women should always have a Plan A, B & C in case a wrench is thrown into the picture.  I am not sure if she works or “has her own” but if not, this may be a man down situation for this baby mama!



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