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Women, Stop Helping These Rappers Degrade You!

Entertainment & Celebrities / He Said / June 10, 2013

I know you guys heard about the Rick Ross lyric that basically stated that he slips drugs into women’s drinks and then has his way with them. I don’t feel like posting the link, so you guys will have to just Google it. This really made me think about some things. I am always seeing women running to the dance floor when “their song comes on.” Many of these songs are telling “Bitches to shake their asses.” Now it was cute to shake your booty when a degrading song comes on, but now when a rapper talks about date raping a chick, it’s a big deal right? Why was it not a big deal when he was telling you to “bounce that ass?”

Ladies, take if from a pretty good man. Men love to see women shake, bounce, twist, wobble, and jiggle their ass, but after we are satisfied by that, we are going to call up the boys and talk about you like a dog. Not many of us respect that type of activity, we only like it, and talk about how much of a fool you were for degrading yourself like that. Long story short, we really don’t want to take you home to mama, just want to get to the hotel, motel, Holiday Inn, if you ain’t wit it, then we will take your friend. You FEEL ME!


It’s just like the song and dance ” The Wobble”, sure its a fun dance that you and your girls can do together, but listen to the lyrics. They are telling you to shake your ass, and it’s all for the delights of a man. We just want to see you Wobble your butt because it’s a sexual thing for a man. I am willing to bet you that there is some woman, somewhere that loves that Rick Ross song. When I talk to women about this, the first thing they say is it’s just a song or it’s just a dance. No it is not, it’s you degrading yourself for men. Look at the way that girls dance at the urban clubs. They pretty much take their ass and grind it on a man’s groin for the most part. Now, I know you ladies are just as kinky as the fellas, but at the same time men are getting a huge thrill out of this and you might get disrespected. More than likely the song that you are dancing to is telling you to shake it, drop it or pop it.

Ladies, you have to draw the line somewhere. If you want to be respected, carry yourself like a Lady. You might not mean any harm, but buying and supporting this type of music and thinking can lead to rape. Stop letting these dudes degrade you, you do not have to play a part in it. Some women will say that he is not talking about me, but I beg to differ. If you are crazy enough to dance to it, then he is talking about you. Slow down and pay attention to what these idiots are saying, take it from a brother who cares, Love Yourself and Mean It!

What say you? 

Do you think that women are degrading themselves by dancing and listening to rap music that degrades women?

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Kataurus Braswell
This brother is founder of, a Social dedicated to African Americans. He is also a freelance writer, music producer, and blogger. His personal blog is at Kataurus Braswell Ceo of Black Convo Media Group LLC. He can be reached at the following:

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on June 10, 2013

Don’t shoot me for this but at the end of the day, a woman should be able to do what she wants but drugging a woman is different to me. So you have a rapist who is fueled by this song, and he sees a woman in the club dancing with her friends, he then drugs her are we going to blame her for dancing or liking some song in the club?

A woman has control over herself to dance and dress any way she wants but when you start talking about drugging someone and having sex with them when they can’t consent yes it’s different. I never liked rick ross from the start. Somehow he has duped everybody into buying the same exact song, with different beats we are all treated to see him shake his man tittays all over the stage. NO thank you. This is why Rape Culture is real, so what if you listen to a song, the point is you have a choice, but when a man comes and violates you I don’t really care what his excuse is. It shouldn’t have anything to do with what I listen to personally.

    on June 11, 2013

    I have said this before in previous conversations, no woman deserves to be raped no matter what she has done, but there is such a thing called provoking. For example, I should be able to leave my door unlocked at my house because it’s mines right? I do not deserve to have anything stolen out of my house, but it does invite certain fools looking to steal and make a quick buck. We have to take responsibility in the part we play in situations. So many women say ” I should be able to do what I want to and not get hurt or raped”, well that’s true, but this world is full of sicko’s and snakes. Would you send your daughter or sister in a room full of men by themselves with a bikini on? They should be allowed to go anywhere they want right?

on June 11, 2013

If women support and listen to music that calls them a b****, h** or something derogatory, they are doing nothing to upgrade the image of women. What other music are women referred to in that manner.

Like the author states guys are getting a thrill, but what are women getting out of being called out of their name. All this in the name of entertainment is truly sad.

on April 10, 2016

He’s right when in the hell will girls stop thrustin their asses & pussies in all these dudes faces to these knucklehead degrading rap songs?. Making fools out themselves.Thats why dudes dont trust and respect them cause those type of girls will bounce their ass and pussy over to more than one than one dude.

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