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Why God Gives Men Daughters via Very Smart Brothers

He Said / April 3, 2013

I happened across this title, “Why God Gives Men Daughters” and thought I would take a peep to see what that man who wrote this perspective would be.  Panama Jackson’s keeps it 100 in his feelings about his 4-year-old daughter and the way that she has changed his life from a thug to a pushover. “She borrowed my gangsta, then sold it on EBay. And now I’m out here defenseless in these streets like I’m coming in this game on some modeling sh*t. Or like this. No really, like that.”

“…the fact is God knows who to give daughters to. I am one of those people. See, while I’ve spent a considerable amount of time in my life attempting to be a man’s man – thug lifin’ it all up and thru these streets…my kid comes along and undoes all my gangsta. And quite easily. Now, I’m sure all parents go through this. You stop paying attention when its your kid. You’ll make the funny faces and put on mismatch clothing because it makes your kid happy. These are normal and common occurrences in probably 85 percent of functional households.

Theeeeeeeeeeen there’s this other stuff. See, ninjas like myself are perspective driven. I’m always looking for the perspective in things and looking for new ways to view the world. Not to mention how much time I spend analyzing all of it. Even if it doesn’t require analysis, I’m out here in these streets having full scale discussions about the most asinine things on the planet. Don’t even get me started on the man vs woman dynamic. Because see, to me, it all seems so simple.

I respect the fact that men and women are just different. To quote my boy, men want to find logic in emotion, and women want us to find the emotional component to our logic. This is the way God set things up. It was written. And that’s all well and good….

…until, as a man, you have a daughter. And you think like I do.

Real talk, it’s both the greatest and most confounding gift ever. It softens your eyes a bit (a net positive for many men) but it also forces you to confront nearly every strong opinion, observation, and truth you’ve discerned over the years.

You want a for instance don’t you? Of course you do.”

Read the entire post by Panama Jackson at Very Smart Brothers 

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