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Single Ladies Need to be Satisfied, too! You Can Handle That with This…

Review / Sex / March 22, 2013

“Idle time is the devil’s playground” or at least that’s a quote my moms always said when I asked her why we couldn’t stay in the house! HA! Which is one of the reasons being single, or separated from your spouse can suck badly. OhMiBod answers a few prayers with the Club Vibe wireless vibrator. club vibe 2

The Club Vibe is a wearable bullet that vibrates to the sound of the music in the room ranging from music, background noise, or voices. It is controlled by a wireless remote that can also switch to “standard” vibrations. Lace one size fit all panties designed to allow the Club Vibe slip in the front are included in the box!  

club vibe 5

I’m a geek and an adult HA… so the thought of bridging them together where I would be able to physically and intellectually appreciate such a gadget is astonishing for me. The basic premise of this toy is for you to enjoy yourself in public discreetly.  The choice is yours to decide whether you want these fun times from the comforts of your bed or while in a club for a night out.

Now I’m not saying this is what I did to test it out, but what I am saying is you “could” pop the double AA batteries in, drop the club vibe in the panties, run to the grocery store, then somehow wind up at a day party with your friends… and have them all wondering why you are so happy about hearing Chief Keef! LMAO I’m just saying this is an idea! The vibrator is long-lasting.

Now if you’re looking for something to going to “take you down immediately” this is not it. This is the build up and that toy that will let it down like its luke warm! Overall, I think it is something that you should definitely have in your line up aanndd if you find that special someone this is something that you both can use together! 😀  clube vibe 6

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Tori D.
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