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Entertainment & Celebrities / Single Moms Talk / January 17, 2013

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‘Starter Wives Confidential’ is a new reality show premiering on TLC on January 29.  The concept of the show is to follow and document the lives of ex-wives and ex-girlfriends of varies celebrity men, as they move on with their lives without them.  The cast members are:

  Zakia Baum (Ex-girlfriend of Jermaine “Maino” Coleman; mother of his son)starter

“Maino” is a rapper whose only claim to fame (that I know of) is the song, “Hi Hater.”  She is an interior designer.

Cheryl Caruso (Ex-wife of mobster Phillip Caruso, and mother of his 2 daughters)starter 5

Mobster, Phillip Caruso is serving a 15 to life sentence. Cheryl, who was on another reality show, ‘I Married a Mobster’ is co-owner of  Talero Tequila.

Josie Harris (Ex-girlfriend of Floyd Mayweather; mother of his three children)

starter 1

Per her site, Josie Harris she says, “

“Josie Harris is a vivacious, talented, driven young woman who fell in love with Floyd Mayweather Jr, undefeated professional champion, when they were both still teenagers.

In many ways, they rescued each other from the realities of broken homes and growing up too fast.

After years of push and pull and trying to make it work, Josie and Floyd’s main purpose is to be the best parents to the three children they share together.”

Monica Joseph-Taylor (soon to be ex-wife of Aston “Funkmaster Flex” Taylor; mother to his two children)starter 6

Monica Joseph-Taylor is a talk-show host and television producer.  She has a product line called, MOMS Made Easy. The following is a statement that she issued about her divorce:  “After almost 18 years of friendship and marriage it is with great regret that I announce my husband Aston Taylor, also known as Funkmaster Flex, and I are separated. We have tremendous love and respect for each-other, and will continue to work on our professional projects together. Our top priority has and will always be our children! I personally ask that the press keep in mind Flex is the celebrity, not myself or my children, please respect our privacy!” (Urban Mag-Online)

Liza Morales (Ex-girlfriend of Lamar Odom; mother of his three children)starter 3

Liza Morales and Lamar Odem lost their son, Jayden in 2006 at 6 1/2 months due to Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS). She has openly complained that Lamar is an absentee father who hardly visits his children. She also has accused Lamar of carrying on a two-year affair before their breakup in 2008. Liza and Lamar met in 1996 and were engaged in 2000.

Tashera Simmons (Ex of Earl “DMX” Simmons; mother of four of his children)starter 7

Tashera Simmons is the founder of the Women of Strength Organization.  She was married to DMX for 14 years.  During their marriage, DMX had six children outside of the marriage.  She filed for divorce in June 2012.

Shaniqua Tompkins (Ex-girlfriend of Curtis “50 Cent” Jackson, and mother of his son)

starter 4

Shaniqua Tompkins, dated 50 Cents, before he was the rapper that we know today.  She helped him recover after an assassination attempt left him riddled with nine bullet wounds and a wired shut jaw. In 2009, she sued him for $50 million over a promise that he would take care of her for life. A judge later dismissed the lawsuit but awarded her $25,000 per month for child support until Marquise turns 18 in 2015.  She was also given a $2.4 million house in New York that almost burned to the ground in 2008.  She publicly blamed 50 for the house fire and claimed that the rapper “tried to kill her and his own child”.

The show follows these Single Moms, as they try to move on with their lives after holding these men down before and during the fame and money.  After reading the bio’s of these women, to say that they went through some thangs, is an understatement.  I hope we will not see a repeat of shows like ‘Basketball Wives’ and ‘Love and Hip Hop’ but instead some great examples of women who are moving on with life as single mothers and most importantly as women.

I must say that I am looking forward to checking out this new show and hopefully I will be able to give it The Sexy Single Mommy’s stamp of approval.  To see a trailer of the show, from Bossip, click here…STARTER WIVES CONFIDENTIAL 

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