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Health, Beauty & Fashion / Single Mommy Stuff / January 14, 2013

Frumpy, Dumpy and In A Slump…

That is where I found myself by the end of 2012.  Oh, this didn’t happen overnight.  Forty pounds didn’t appear as if from nowhere.  Listlessness and absence of curiosity didn’t suddenly occur.  Fear of aging less than gracefully didn’t crop up from nowhere.  Projects started with great zeal and enthusiasm didn’t shelve themselves.

Sound familiar?

Are you in a slump?  Relationship? Mind?  Career?  Spirit? Body?


Not sure where to begin to turn things around?  I wasn’t either, but I just knew I need to start somewhere and sometime, and that somewhere and sometime is now.

2013 is here.  Time to dump your frump slump.slump 3

Dump your frump, slump!

Time to be who YOU want to be, and define your life as you want it to be!

Forget the past…

Forgive yourself…

Begin again…slump 4

Time to dump your frump slump.

Starting something new can be a challenge.  It’s too many pounds…I’m too old…I’m too young…it’s a mess…it’s a tragically outdated wardrobe…it’s a stalled career…it’s any number of issues, problems, and frankly, excuses.

Re frame it.  Rethink it.  Positive thoughts become positive reality.

Time to dump your frump slump.

The Mission:
For the next 352 days, my mission is dumping my frump slump and inspiring others to do the same.  What that means to you is self-defined, and I invite you to share your goals with me and this blog group.  We are in this together – so let’s help each other get up, get out, and get better!

How will the slump dumping unfold?  One day it may be putting on lipstick before leaving the house, and the next day – setting a goal of sending out ten resumes in a week.   Stay tuned for more on my goals and the goals of the blog followers! slump 6

Commit to your inner strength, commit yourself.  Commit to dumping your frump slump, one moment at a time!

Today is that day.  The day, the moment that it turns around.  Time to dump your frump slump.


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Carol Fitzgerald
Carol Fitzgerald Tyler believes in the basics - be authentic and transparent in all things. After releasing 103 pounds without surgery, she loves telling her inspiring story and working with people on their own transformations as often as possible. She is an executive, motivational speaker, author, strategic consultant, and distance event participant - to date, including four full marathons, twelve half marathons, three 60 Mile 3 Day for the Cure events, and numerous 10k and 5K’s - all after the age of 40 and a challenging diagnosis of fibromyalgia. She doesn't go fast – she just keeps on going. Carol has been a nationally featured speaker and industry recognized expert in organizational change management and communications strategy. She is a major advocate of seizing the moment, and of dumping slumps - hers and yours! Committed to the mantra "Show Up And Try" - Carol loves to find a way - no matter what. Facebook - Carol Fitzgerald Tyler LinkedIn - Carol Fitzgerald Tyler Twitter - @cfitztyler

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