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Entertainment & Celebrities / January 12, 2013

5 Reasons Why Beyonce Should Have Worn More Clothes on the GQ Cover

1)      Beyonce is the finely crafted image of the Southern girl next door. The girl that talks sweet and with a slight southern drawl tinged with a husky tone. Just think about it – what little girl doesn’t want to be Beyonce and what grown woman didn’t go buy a Freakum dress?

2)      Beyonce has an allure about her which leaves you to imagine what she might be like if you met her in person. She keeps her personal life a secret, down to not even releasing one intentionally clear face shot of her now, one year old baby, Blue Ivy.BEYONCE 2

3)      Beyonce is a favorite of the First Family. Michelle Obama speaks in high regards regularly about Beyonce and of course tapped her to help on her healthy campaign for kids. BEYONCE 3

4)      Beyonce is past this type of image in her career. She has long distinguished herself as the best of the best. She’s a young 30-something living legend that exudes everything associated with star power.

5)      Beyonce said she feels sexy ever since giving birth to Blue Ivy and she requested her clothing to change. She prefers to wear a sexy but conservative Mommy look now.BEYONCE

All of these reasons are examples of why Beyonce should NOT have shown her ta-tas and panties to the world but Beyonce did it anyway. Why? Because she is the captain of her own carefully guided ship, well probably more like the pilot of her own fabulous private plane. She choreographs her bootylicious moves, swaying to her own beat. She questions her own power in GQ but dares you to question it. So why is the world sounding off on her right now about these pictures when most of us know that Beyonce has already stamped it with her approval?  These kinds of decisions are decided by a strong woman. All I can do is respect her choice, buy me a new freakum dress, be pissed that she didn’t wear any hot shoes in the photos and throw my man to the left to the left when he acts up!!

Love it or Hate it – Beyonce is a SEXY Mom doing her thing HER way.


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Kim Turner
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on January 12, 2013

I would agree to disagree. I think after becoming a mom and being a young single girl are two different things. But the GQ audience is all about the mature sophisticated man. You won’t get an Ebony or Essence type shoot for them. You have to cater to all who you serve. Even being a mom doesn’t mean you can’t be sexy. You ever heard of Madonna? Brittany? JLo? Mariah? All women who showed a world more power and sexuality once they became moms. I celebrate the fact that she is willing to continue to reinvent herself. We should all take a page from that book! Great Post Kim!

    on January 12, 2013

    Terez, this is very true. This cover does fit the GQ audience and I can attest to being a sexy mom!

on January 12, 2013

I am up in the air about whether she needed to do this shoot at all at this point in her career (Mom or not) and I totally agree with you on the GQ audience. What I do know is that this was well thought out. She has become a savvy business woman that just happens to be a MOM too. I love her so I celebrate her and woman like her. Thanks for commenting and I am glad that you liked the post 🙂

on January 12, 2013

I agree, I’m still up in the air as well. But I have noticed that celebrity moms are more comfortable in their own skin after childbirth.

on January 13, 2013

Didn’t dig the cover and I hate contrived sexuality no matter who it is. There have been much better/sexy covers for GQ with more and less clothing depending on the person. This looks kinda lowbrow like a Maxim or Stuff magazine. I won’t knock her hustle but there are probably several dozen reasons more why she shouldn’t have posed like this. It has gotten people talking and in the wake of drops in sales (they weren’t bricks but they were lackluster for her) for her last few projects no publicity is bad publicity.

    on January 13, 2013

    I definitely see your point Southern Girl! Thanks for your comment

on January 13, 2013

I am definitely not a Beyonce stan by ANY means. I feel like I see way too much of her as it is…but really? She’s been in bikinis in her own music videos. I feel like she’s been this “exposed” before. I’m surprised its being written about so much all over the web. And to your point out the First Family – BECAUSE of the way I see her present herself all the time it has always surprised me how the Obamas are so out there with their fandom, to the point of calling her a role model.

on January 13, 2013

@Alaia I can agree but disagree I think whether or not you like Beyonce she has been a role model. She carries herself very well. You dont hear crazy stories about her and normally there aren’t crazy pics lol. Thanks for your comment. I LOVE all the dialogue and different views!

on January 14, 2013

Being a single father of a teenage girl, I would like to see all entertainers wearing a respectable about of clothing. Not running around in their drawls . Now me being a man I also like what Beyonce is showing for free. I after wonder why she would choose to run around on stage or in photo shoot almost butt naked given the talent she has as a singer and business woman. Power by being naked? I maybe but just because you have certain powers, doesn’t mean you should use them. Hey Superman can reverse time. Doesn’t mean he should reverse time every time something don’t go his way, it’s just over kill. Beyonce has three of the greatest powers known to humankind; her voice, beauty, and grace. Why cheep-in up to get more fans. Giving fans what they want? Maybe they might want to see her almost naked this year, maybe naked next year, I wouldn’t mind seeing her in my be the year after. But hey I’m a man.

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