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Time, Life, love, Money…  Finding balance between what you have, what you want, and what you need.  We all have a finite time on this planet; we all want to live a full life But how much time do we all really have?  Tomorrow is not promised.  Friday, December 21st  2012 is the end of the world (If you believe that Mayan prediction) and yet, we are all working to get what we want in the future…if there is one.

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Not saying stop what you are doing but focus a little more on the here and now.  Don’t let life pass you by working until your last day on earth without stopping to smell a few roses or acknowledge that someone who may have a caught your eye, as you have caught theirs.   Times have changed.  In the city, people don’t acknowledge one another unless they have a business proposition or are drop dead gorgeous.  Funny thing is that even the most gorgeous people have moments when they don’t feel gorgeous or when they are missing something in life; Balance.

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Finding the right balance for you.

Some people use work to hide from love.  Some people use the all mighty dollar to hide from building a family and then to hide from their own feelings about not building a family.   The precious few of us that have the good fortune and knowledge to start and build a successful business (Anything that makes money in this economy), also must find balance.  How many times have you had a friend that was in a place where things are not working with her man or she does not have a man and has just recently discovered that she is so lonely?  She has got everything going for her.  Successful business, great bunch of family members, great bunch of fiends, fantastic new ride, and looks stunning in party dresses, but is now pigging out on the junk food and crying into a bowl of Rocky Road.  Why?  Maybe it is because she ignored many of the 100+ guys checking her out each week, because she was “too busy for that mess.”  Maybe it is just because she was not at a point in her life where she was ready to be in a relationship.  balance 7

Finding the right balance is all that counts.  You have to find the right balance that is right for you.  If you have had balance and you most recently lost that balance.  Then find something to even out that balance.  But not junk food…no matter how delicious it may be.    I admit some of us find comfort and pleasure in pigging out on junk food.  Try a warm low cal drink instead.  Just recently on Dr. Oz shown that warm drinks have a calming effect (Tea).  Some scales you do not want to balance out with junk food.  However, it is a beautiful thing if all that junk goes to the right places.  😉

Find your balance.  Take your time; but not so much that the end of the world passes you by, so to speak.  Occasionally stop and smell those roses.  If in a relationship, be in that relationship.  Some guys hate to be ignored continuously for a business or job.  As I’m sure some women hate to be ignored continuously for a job or business.  Set business hours for yourself.  I know it’s hard to stop doing business for yourself  for a set time each day.  But make sure your Business and Personal are balanced because sooner or later that kid in you that remembers wanting family and love is going to want her own way…family, love, junk food, and Rocky Road…  Find your balance.

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–The Good Guy

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The Good Guy
The Good Guy is from somewhere in California. He is our mystery contributor who writes about woman and relationships.

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