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Parenting / December 7, 2012

It is very important that as parents or guardians, we strive to make our children the best readers possible. At a very young age, this is a great time to start showing your child the importance of reading.  While many of them may find it boring, these apps can make it exciting for children of all ages.   If you own a iPhone, iPad or some other device that can download apps, you may want to consider these wonderful apps noted below:

Rock ‘n Learn Phonics Easy Reader

rock n learn


This app, although not downloadable for free, is one of the best apps you need to have if you want to help your child read. This app will provide you with three phonetic stories priced at $1.99 all-in. The stories can be read to your child while he or she follows through the use of images and sound recognition. The app is also fully equipped with interactive assistance making it a lot easier for your child to enjoy reading.

Bob Books

The Bob Books app is one of the most popular apps that can serve as an introduction to your child when it comes to reading. The app provides phonics for your children and the difficulty level for each can be adjusted depending on your child’s ability. Therefore this app can be used for many years and can serve as your child’s reading companion for a long time.

Smiley Sight Words

smiley sight

This app can very well serve as your traditional flashcard wherein children are encouraged to read through the words flashed on the screen. This app provides you with 1,500 different words arranged according to levels of difficulty.

Touchy Books


Touchy Books is another great app to download to your gadget. This can help the child interact with books through the help of sounds, images, and animation. All the stories found on this app are somehow related to magic so it can also help encourage your child to make use of his or her imagination.

Super Why

super why


The Super Why app is a follow through of the show with the same title aired on the PBS network. This app combines entertainment with learning both for reading and learning new words. The app also comes with four different games like choosing the best words and finishing the thoughts of simple sentences.

Miss Spell’s Class



Another great app to download is the Miss Spell’s Class that teaches the kids how to spell and read different words. This app provides words that are commonly misspelled so if your child masters it, he or she will definitely become a standout in class.

ABC Pocket Phonics

abc app

If you want to encourage your child to read and practice good penmanship, then the ABC Pocket Phonic is the app you need to download. The app primarily focuses on letter phonetics and so much more so it will really keep your child entertained.
Try downloading these apps now to help teach and encourage your child to love reading.

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