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You wake up in the morning and wonder, “How on earth am I going to get through this day?”  Then half way through the day you think, “I’m exhausted.  If only I could get a few more hours to get things done.”  If any of this sounds familiar you will definitely appreciate the new lifestyle email publication, JustDiva, which launched in July 2012.  If it doesn’t sound familiar at all, please email me your secrets because I think you are obligated to share them with women all over the world (keeping that kind of information to yourself is just wrong!).

JustDiva, a fabulous email publication, was created with today’s Modern Black Woman in mind.  We believe that today’s black woman is savvy, stylish, independent, socially conscious, and incredibly busy.  However, being busy doesn’t mean that she doesn’t want to be in the loop about what’s hot.  What it does mean is that she needs someone to keep her in the loop – an in-the-know girlfriend that does all the legwork for her.  Well, think of JustDiva as that friend.

Every weekday JustDiva will deliver a short, but editorially engaging, email to your inbox about a product, service, or experience we’ve discovered that we think will enhance your fast-paced life.  We are not paid for any of our editorials, so any recommendation we make is one you can genuinely trust because we just think it’s worth your time (something we know you have very little of).

So, whether it’s a cool app, a hot new hair product, an awesome travel experience, or a stylish handbag with a socially conscious twist – we are here to meet your needs in a way that improves the quality of your life.  We are here to make your life easier and keep you plugged in (and what mom doesn’t appreciate that?).

Life is straight-up crazy.  There is no denying that. Balancing work, a family, aspirations, and day-to-day obligations is no joke.  We get that.  So, why don’t you try JustDiva by signing up on our website and giving us a chance to show you that we’ve got your back (because that’s what a good girlfriend does)?

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Martine Foreman
Martine Foreman is a Brooklyn, New York native and the editor/co-founder of JustDiva. She’s also an educator, blogger, mother, and much more. Reach out to her at You can also Like JustDiva on Facebook and follow JustDiva on Twitter @justdivadaily.

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