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Health, Beauty & Fashion / Reviews / October 27, 2012

I happened upon a new children’s store called  “Kids Under 10” in the Crossings at Corona.  I had to go in when the signs in the window screamed, “Everything $12.99 and under!”

When I walked in, it reminded me of Gymboree and Crazy 8.  I happen to LOVE Crazy 8’s clothes for my son.  I was greeted by a young lady and mentioned that the store reminded me of Gymboree and Crazy 8 and she explained that it is a new concept store from Gymboree and actually was launched sooner than projected.  She went on to tell me that everything in the store was $12.99 and under and that everything in the store was from Crazy 8’s Holiday Collection.  I was in shopping heaven!

Being in retail management, I have to say that I was thrilled with the customer service, the cleanliness and the price point of the items.  I have been a Gymboree (Crazy 8) shopper for years and I have always loved the quality of their clothing.  I have preferred Crazy 8 over Gymboree because of the price point, as well as the fact that Crazy 8 has very trendy clothes for boys.

I purchased some terrific items for my son!  The Corduroy Blazer was $12.99 (regularly $34.95 at Crazy 8), Quilted Puffer Vest was $12.99 ( regularly $34.95 at Crazy 8).  The Boot Cut and Carpenter jeans were $10 each ( $19.95 at Crazy 8) and the Graphic Tee was $4.99 (regularly $5.99).

The only thing that I didn’t like about the boy’s line, specifically for bigger boy’s like my 9-year-old son, were the Graphic Tees that had trains, snowmen and dinosaurs…not very “fashion forward” for big boys.

Kids Under 10 is perfect for mom’s who are fashion forward and looking for high quality children’s clothing at a terrific price.  They are my new “go to” place for clothing for my son and gifts for niece!

Kids Under 10

Crossings at Corona

3559 Grand Oaks Suite 105

Corona, Ca 92881


These are the items that I purchased:

Source: Crazy

Source: Crazy

Source: Crazy

Source: Crazy

Source: Crazy

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on October 28, 2012

I am not sure if they will since it is a new concept and opened sooner than expected. I think it would take off if they opened a site online!

on October 29, 2012

This makes me wish there was one of these stores close by. Since it’s a concept I wonder if they plan on expanding into other regions & eventually other states?! That would be nice. Thank you for stopping by my Facebook page.


on November 12, 2012

ok…I’m going to need you to pick up some 3t for a girl and a size 8-9 shoe. Please and Thank you! LOL I love a good deal and it looks like you hit the jackpot on this one. Thanks for sharing with us!

    on November 12, 2012

    Girl, they have the cutest stuff and I haven’t checked out the baby stuff but I know their clothes can’t be $12.99, it has to be less!

on November 13, 2012

I don’t have any kids but I would definitely shop here if I did. Thanks for introducing us to this site. I will pass it along to some folks I know.


on November 13, 2012

I hope we get one of those in my area soon! I love Gymboree/Crazy 8, I would prefer it if the prices were cheaper! This is the best of both worlds with Gymboree’s quality clothing and cheaper prices.

on August 2, 2013

I work at a crazy 8 outlet and this concept store is basiclly to feed out all of our extra clothing. We carry 3 months up to size 14. we are the same brand quilty and color pallets as gymboree but run on average an inch bigger. If you want to go online your gonna go to 🙂 the prices vary we have marked down items as low as 1.99 and winter coats as much as 40.00 but theres almost always a sale. we runn enitre stor _____ and under three times a year but have greatb frequent sales.

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