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Controversy from White America about the LMN Remake of Steel Magnolias

Entertainment & Celebrities / October 8, 2012


Last night, Lifetime Movie Network aired their remake of Steel Magnolia’s with an all African-American cast.  Before and during the movie, the hashtag, #SteelMagnolias was trending on Twitter.  While reading through the feed, I couldn’t help but notice the cruel and rude comments that were made by white people about the remake of the film.  I can not believe how BOLD people were with their racist comments. Some of those comments were:

Steel magnolias is an amazing movie. There’s no reason to remake a bad version with black people. Gonna ruin it for all.”

“Keep waiting for Madea to make an appearance in this version of Steel Magnolias. Hellurrr.”

“Next up: Steel Magnolias, with an all-baby cast!”

“Hey Lifetime – thanks for this Steel Magnolias remake. And while you’re at it, why don’t you just kick Dolly Parton in the face?”


“BREAKING: Thousands of middle-aged white women watching ‘Steel Magnolias‘ on LIFETIME attempt to adjust color.”

“Black Steel Magnolias starring Queen Latifah airs tonight on Lifetime followed by White Menace II Society starring the Jonas Brothers .”

“I wonder if in the remake of Steel Magnolias they yell “Drink your Kool-Aid Shelby” instead of juice.”

“They’re remaking STEEL MAGNOLIAS with an all-black cast? Isn’t that BARBERSHOP?”

Here we are in the year 2012 and racism is just as alive and well as it was 40+ years ago.  I do not understand what the big deal is?  Should films never be remade with an African-American cast?  Are African-Americans such awful actors that we can not do justice to a remake of a film that originally starred an all White cast?  Why can’t movies be remade that tell the same story but in the perspective of another race?

As I continued to go through the Steel Magnolia feed, I noticed some of the comments from African-Americans in regard to the comments made by White people.

“Well, to all the “folks” mad because they gave Steel Magnolias a chocolate make over, US Congress is still mostly all white. Get over it.”

“A few white ppl are mad that Steel Magnolias was remade with a black cast, they feel the same way about The Karate Kid, The Wiz, etc”

“People acting like they are being forced to watch Steel Magnolias…..there is the remote, change the channel.”

To all the White folks that had a problem with the remake of a film that celebrates the sisterhood between friends and the bond of love of a mother daughter relationship, I have to agree with this quote, “…how much should it REALLY matter that Steel Magnolias has a black cast now? Get over the color & see the story.”











































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































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on October 8, 2012

That’s so sad. I didn’t see the negative comments from white people but I saw a lot of negative comments from black people. I think people just like to complain just because something is different. Most people don’t know how to adjust to change.

on October 9, 2012

I think some of those comments are more racial than racist. There is a point where some of us are tired or remakes period. I’m not against the remake of SM with an all black cast. I just think it’s an insanely uninspired and frankly inane idea. Then again I’m a dude so I fully accept that this wasn’t targeted towards me anyway.

SM isn’t Cinderella to me. I was ok with that racially mixed Cinderella (even though I’m pretty sure I never saw it). That was an interesting concept. This. Isn’t.

on October 10, 2012

Honestly, people will always have something negative to say. I didn’t see the original, but after seeing this one, I am not compelled to. The only reason I watched it was because my little cousins were extras on set lol. The story line was the same and nothing was changed – except for the race of the cast. Some people just don’t have anything better to do and that’s sad. We just can’t stoop to their level.

Thanks for the post.

on October 27, 2012

Well, I kinda thought they should have left this classic alone. I think it was cute but somethings should stand alone. That’s like remaking a luther vandross song. Sometimes the original is good enough. I did enjoy the movie but the original was so much better 😉

#blmgirls blog hop

on February 7, 2015

Saying that changing the race of entire cast changes perspective on a story is a racist statement in itself. In no way, was a remake necessary for this movie. Didnt like that it was all white? Change your perspective. Because youre dwelling in the past and carrying on the racism yourself.

    on February 7, 2015

    Jason. WHAT IN THE ENTIRE HELL are you talking about?

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