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Single Moms Talk / October 26, 2012

I believe the children are our future. Teach them well and let them lead the way.”

–Whitney Houston

I’m sorry but was anyone listening when Whitney belted out the part about us teaching them? I guess not because this generation is rude, crude and an embarrassment. I’ll give them credit for doing one thing right though. They’re an embarrassment to all races, not just minorities. Growing up I remember having rules to follow about how to act when I was in public. As I grew up these rules changed with me as I got older. I learned there were certain things you didn’t talk about in public. Didn’t matter if you were with your parents, or with your girlfriends. What you talked about behind closed doors, stayed behind closed doors!

But these little hoodrats just don’t seem to care about looking classy. They think it’s cute to be trashy in public. They don’t understand that by talking about who they’ve been with, how well he eats it, and how good his thing was they just disrespect themselves and their parents. The sad part is their parents either don’t care or don’t have a clue what their kids are like. Every day it seems like there’s another story coming out about the decline of today’s youth. 15 year old Amanda Todd committed suicide because she was being cyber bullied after making the mistake of flashing a boy online ( 12 year old Autumn Pasquale was killed by two boys all over a BMX bike ( And it’s not just the kids; parents are just as bad if not worse. South Florida mom charged with aggravated assault for beating her 15 year old daughter with a tire iron ( A teen mom and her boyfriend duct taping a 2 year old to the wall (

SERIOUSLY?!! What is going on with people these days?!! I just don’t understand what goes through their heads. Now I’m a psychology major, so my job is to spend time walking through people’s heads. And that can get mighty interesting. But no matter how much I learn I just can’t figure out why in the hell people are the way they are these days. You’ve got people almost beating the hell out of their friends because they disagree on who to vote for. People running around more worried about getting the hot new gadget, instead of making sure their kids are doing well in school. You got absentee parents wondering why their good boy or good girl ended up that way. “He/She was a good kid I never would’ve expected something like this.” Yeah how many times have we heard that line! Know why you don’t understand, BECAUSE YOU’RE NOT THERE! These people don’t take the time to sit down and talk to their kids.

Something as simple as “how was your day honey?” can make a difference. We’ve got parents out there more concerned with getting “white girl wasted” rather than spend time with their damn kids. Oh you’re real quick to push your troubled kid on somebody else as long as you can make it to happy hour in time. I get it that birth control is only 99.99% effective, but we all know the risks that come when you have sex. I’m not saying don’t have sex. All I’m saying is when you make a baby those partying days are over. Doesn’t mean your life is over, just means your priorities need to change. Especially if you’ve got a kid with behavioral or drug issues. Your kid gets accused of being a bully, step up and take responsibility to help them change. Your kid gets busted for being drunk or high, step up and take responsibility to help them change. Your kid gets expelled for fighting, step up and take responsibility to help them change. Don’t just sit there and go “oh it’ll be okay.” No it won’t be okay! Until these absentee parents step up and start acting like parents, we are all screwed!

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Bionic Dee
Bionic Dee is a 30-something college student who's finally getting her life back on track. She made a promise to her mother before she died that she would be the first of her three children to get a college degree. Currently, she is a year away from getting her Bachelor's Degree and plans to continue on for her Masters Degree. When she is not stressing over keeping her 3.96 GPA intact, she is either posting something on my blog or relaxing in front of the TV. She is a sports fanatic (football, baseball, hockey and rugby) who laughs at random things and loves inappropriate jokes. She's funny, honest and 100% genuine. You can find Bionic Dee at

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on October 26, 2012

I agree that if children are going to be our future we have to stay on top of them and keep our game up as parents. That means going to teacher-parent conferences, checking homework and report cards, encouraging activities outside of sports, getting them involved in community service, knowing who their friends are and where they’re hanging out and not being so stuck up when other people try to help us parent in positive ways. A lot of parents like to wait until their son or daughter is in trouble and has already gone down the wrong path and then say it takes a village to raise child. Why not let that village in before hand? As a mom of two, I know that I don’t know everything about parenting and have no issues seeking advice and help from my village.

    on October 26, 2012

    YUMMommy that’s what makes you a better parent than a lot of the other ones out here today. So many people keep putting their needs before their child’s needs and it’s a shame. First time parents and single parents have a rough road because they have to learn as they go. But if someone’s willing to help you then suck up your pride and let them help. Especially if they’ve been down the same road you’re on right now. Too many people wait until it’s way too late to make a difference and then say well I tried and it didn’t work so I give up. You can’t give up on your child. Soon as they realize you’ve given up then they’re not even going to try. Thanks for reading and posting!

on October 27, 2012

Honestly, I think most parents do teach their kids their own version of right from wrong. The problem… the media! Kids are totally desensitized to a lot because of what their exposed to. Video games, reality tv, and music has totally changed the landscape of this generation. Kids don’t fear God, their parents or punishment anymore. Its a cultural thing…

    on October 27, 2012

    I have to agree, between media, and the fact that you can’t be around your child 24/7 plays a role. think about you send your children to school they are around children who are raised by parents with hundreds of different parenting styles. They have phones and laptops and have access to almost everything. I think it’s about communication and stressing to your child that you are the parent, they aren’t grown, and they are a representative of you as their parent. I don’t have children but I see some parents who are really good and making sure their children behave a certain way in public. You also have some parents who aren’t interested in raising good children to be productive in society.

      on October 27, 2012

      I agree with you said. It’s about instilling the right values and morals in your children so that they will know the difference between right and wrong

    on October 27, 2012

    You have a good point, Marie. Our kids have so much access to so many things now a days. There is no fear in the kids today…not like our generation!

    on October 28, 2012

    You’re right Marie kids today don’t fear anything and they have no respect. Parents need to take the time to explain to them why they shouldn’t act like the people on TV too. They grow up thinking these are people to idolize and a lot of times they’re idolizing the wrong people.

on December 28, 2012

I agree, the funny thing is that a 18 year old and two 22 year old known gang members where just arrested in Pasadena, California for trying to get away from the police and killing a father and son, breaking up a family of 4. During the short chase, initiated by running a red light, witnesses say they saw them throw a gun out the SUV.

Earlier around the same time frame during that same day, Christmas, Jesus’ birthday. An SUV fitting that same exact description did a drive by shooting and in true young gangster fashion, they not only did not kill the target, they shot someone that was doing good in the community and had a wife and two teenage sons. …he was a community youth leader. The real kicker was that the parents and family of the suspects got it in mind to go down and protest the cops for not doing their job right and chasing them in an unmarked car. …Really?!!! …Wow! …I’m not going to say anything bad about the parent(s) except. “Teach them well.” …If you going to do something stupid like killing someone, don’t speed thru a red light minutes after you have left the area and visual range of the witnesses of that area. But here is an idea, get an education or join the army if you want to continue killing, leave those babies that never learned how to pull up their diapers where they are, find good people to hangout with, normal people. Not exactly in that order.

PS good reading and very well said Bionic Dee.

— The Good Guy.

    on December 30, 2012

    Thank you Good Guy, It’s scary to look at how children act now and then start wondering about the kind of people your own children will hang around with. You do your best to make sure they don’t spend time with wannabe gangbangers and hoodrats that are up working on getting themselves arrested. My stepson is big for his age and we call him a gentle giant because he won’t get mad unless you go after someone he cares about. And I worry about the ones who first thought is to grab a gun instead of settling things with their fists. Look at all the school shootings we’ve had in the past couple years. We’ve got a bigger problem than just drugs these days when kids think the quickest way to solve their problems is to bring in a semi-automatic. Putting them in the military might not help because they might end up being in one of those tours where they don’t see a lot of action. Then you’d have to worry about them randomly killing people to help their boredom.

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