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Eyebrow Shaping

Beauty / September 3, 2012

When you have well groomed eyebrows it can make a big difference in your beauty swag.  Walking around with caterpillars on your forehead is NOT cute.  The eyebrows are a focal point and many makeup artist would argue that eyebrows are THE most important facial feature.  “Brows are an essential part of every trend. When your brows are left ungroomed, it can make your whole appearance look passe’,” says Too Faced creator Jerrod Blandino.  With that being said, I would hate for you to look passe’, so let’s get to work.

Now before you start trying to tweeze and fill in etc. you have to know where your brows should start, end and where the arch should be.  To determine this, you need to take a brow brush with a dark powder on it  or an eyeliner and place it at the outer balls of your nose to your brow.  This is where your brow should start. At that place on your brow, place a little dot there.  Next, take your brush and place it at the tip of your nose and move it over your pupil.  This should be where your arch is.  Make a dot there.  Lastly, take the brush from the outer part of your nose to the end of your eye.  This should be where your brow ends. Make your last dot here.  See below for an example.


Now that you know where you points are, you should use a brow stencil. They are the perfect tool to ensure your brows look like they were professionally done.  They are also great if you are just learning how to do your brows. You can find brow kits that include stencils from brands like Too Faced, NYX Cosmetics, and my personal favorite, Anastasia of Beverly Hills.  The stencil that is the best fit for you will be the stencil that fits most of your natural brow in it.  Make sure to line up the stencil with the 3 points that you already determined.

Before you get to work, use an old mascara brush and brush your brows upward.  Grab your stencil and put it in place.  Next use a white pencil or a color shadow that will stand out against your natural brow color and fill in.  Remove the stencil and then tweeze the hair outside the area that you just filled in.  After you are finished tweezing, clean off whatever shadow you used and brush your brows up again.  Use a brow wax to keep the shadow or pencil in place. Fill in your brows.  Make sure to use a shade lighter, if you have dark brows and a shade darker if you have lighter brows.  Lastly, highlight them with shadow underneath your brow. Remember, don’t go too dark, you don’t want to look like a drag queen.


If you are looking for a brow kit that has everything that you need in it, I recommend using Anastasia’s Beauty Express for Brows and Eyes.  It comes with brow wax cream, brow powder duo, eyeshadow duo, 5 stencils and an angled brush.

If you can’t get to their location in Beverly Hills, you can check your local Nordstrom.  They have Anastasia’s in several Nordstrom stores and you can have your brows done and pick up a kit.

Keep in mind that practice makes perfect and it will take a little time to perfect your perfect brow.  Don’t give up. You will be looking superstar in no time!

Here are some examples of a terrific brows:

Eyebrow Shaping

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on September 9, 2012

Brows are my favorite, they do totally frame the face! My friends used to tease me about how obsessed I am about keeping them groomed. No caterpillars here!


    on September 9, 2012


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