August 2019

Choosing a life partner is not an easy task. Looking at the divorce rate around the world except for countries where divorce is not legal, one would ask- should I marry given these circumstances? The answer is yes because history is a testimony to all the progress that married people make in life. However, how to avoid the trap of divorce and have a successful married life?

The answer lies in choosing the right partner. All of us have requirements in life, and without these requirements we feel unfulfilled. The same applies when we consider living in a long term relationship. When conditions are not met in a relationship, the partnership dissolves to a divorce.

In the context of a cake, the requirement is the ingredients that are used to make the cake. So, requirements are that piece of the puzzle that sustains every long term relationship. Requirements vary from person to person and thus very personal. What is important the everyone discovers their requirements before entering into a serious relationship. There are various tests available to confirm our requirements and a good relationship coach can guide you on this properly.

For now, know to it that requirements are the deal breakers in any relationship. In our future articles, we will be elaborating more about how to lead a successful long term relationship. Rest assured that this is just the start of a new journey towards choosing a perfect life partner.

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