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Sophia Ned-James April 18, 2014

Ladies, let’s talk about backsliding.  No, I’m not about to get all preachy on you.  This isn’t about church.  How you live your religion is your business. I’m talking about backsliding with your ex! All us sexy single moms have an ex or two (or if we’re lucky, three or four) who could bring it… Continue Reading »


“Ass, Gas or Cas! No One Rides for Free!” Are Dating and Courting a Thing of the Past?

Ty Knighten April 17, 2014

I was speaking with a male friend who brought up an issue that I have actually heard from several men.  His premise was that chivalry is dead and no one “courts” anymore.  He went on to say that dating in this day and age is an investment and that after 3 dates at approximately $100… Continue Reading »


Made Him Catch The Holy Ghost – My Online Dating Drama

Ty Knighten April 16, 2014

The following message was waiting for me on the dating website.  It made me laugh so hard, I almost needed to run and get my inhaler.  I am not going to correct the spelling.  This is what he wrote: Subject: Sexxy as hell Dam girl you fine Hello,sexxy you are. i am all excited about… Continue Reading »


3 Ways To Help You Avoid Being Ratchet With Your Income Tax Return

Social Butterfly April 15, 2014

The I.R.S. will begin accepting federal returns today.  So in my neck of the hood, that means ratchet season will be in full swing in about the next 2 to 3 weeks. Everyone will be fresh to death! All the ladies will have weaves to rival any Housewife or Love and Hip-Hop star. The fellas… Continue Reading »


Online Dating Do’s and Don’ts Part 1

Shawn Hill April 13, 2014

More and more people are meeting online these days.  With the busy schedules, children and other pressing items, online dating has exploded. There are still some that have a negative opinion of dating online.  They think it is only for those who are desperate or are losers.  This is simply not true.  When done right… Continue Reading »


Men, 4 Reasons Why We Aren’t Mad When There is No Round 2

Ty Knighten April 11, 2014

I recently read a post from Damn Pops on Single Black Male titled, “Ladies, This Can Be Why  ‘Round 2′ Doesn’t Happen” and I had to agree with a lot of what he had to say but I thought, “Why not tell the men why we aren’t mad when there isn’t a Round 2?”  Here… Continue Reading »

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